Shinku Of Rozen maiden (GSC)

March 3, 2011 at 12:04 am | Posted in PVC Statue/Scaled Figures | 26 Comments
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Dear Magic mirror on the wall………………………………………..

but this isn’t Snow White

Non scale Shinku By Good Smile Company

Wind or Not Wind ?

Now when I thinking about it, Shinku reminds me with Red Riding Hood.

Nothing Special for her face somehow i still prefer Alter version

Red Rose Stand and i think that Silver thingy is the Contract Ring.

Stand only with one leg but still Sturdy and Balanced.

what you expect above her skirt ?

The mirror is quite thin and the Frame just thin plastic, but of course I don’t really care with the Mirror just hope not crack anytime soon >_<.



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  1. nice get!! it’s pretty hard to get her nowadays.. ^_^

    • yeah kinda lucky,not bootlegs at least :D, I was turn off seeing the price tag before realized the other one(read: on sale) LOL so get this even cheaper than the original 6500 yen hahaha

  2. At least the PVC is not as creepy as the Dollfie one. ^^;

    But still, nice touch on the mirror. (luckily there no Suigintou inside there XD)

    • For doll kinda Want the Pulip version hahaha, yeah printed mirror with another doll image sounds good.

  3. She looks good, though I prefer the look of the Alter one, the mirror and base are a great touch. I kinda miss Rozen Maiden, wish more anime would come out.

    • Yeah wish can find the alter one, just seeing bootlegs version mostly >_<,well I like the manga more 🙂 but yeah without Anime airing no one talking Rozen Maiden anymore 😦

  4. Hmmm this character look like a doll ~_~

    • Indeed she is a doll, Never watch or Read Rozen maiden 😯 ?

      • Saw the word Rozen Maiden before but never gotten to watching it.

        • Just try watch the opening on youtube you might interested 😉

  5. The figure looks like plastic. Looks good though. Oh, and how was your month break?

    • Yup the paint-job looks glossy make looks like shinny plastic,about break nothing special Just increase my post counts in some forums lol

  6. The figure is a bit glossy huh..but the shot of her in front of a mirror is really nice!

    • yeah glossy but I think glossy paint more durable against ultra-violet i should learn camera lightning more ,Thanks that’s how it work in the series 😀

  7. The overall figure looks good. The face looks cute although it is not as authentic as the original art. My only concern is the glossy dress which kinda spoil the figure. What do you think?

    • Personally I don’t like that glossy dress either,for me only swimsuit,or plugsuit outfit looks nice with glossy effect. but let’s see the positive thing, it’s easier to clean her if get dirty 😀

  8. Oh right its march, nice to see you blogging again 😉
    Oh I’ve never seen this figure, the same goes for the Alter Version.
    The base of her looks really nice, but a matte dress would look more realistic, it loos a bit like a latex dress when it shines like this.
    If her eyes were green I would say its Victorique from Gosick 😉

    always wanted to watch Rozen Maiden, but never found the time so far

    • Fulfill my promise 😉 yeah it do shine 😦 You should try watch it next time 😀

  9. nice get, i like that she comes with the mirror too. also i find the rose base very cool! 😀

    im one of those that still havent watched Rozen Maiden ^^;

    • Thanks,try watch it one day 😉

  10. I came to apologize that I did not see your banner link until now. Please don’t think I’ve ignored it intentionally… I just missed it ^^;. Sorry. Banner added!

    • Don’t worry about that Zhi,you are one of the busiest blogger I ever see,thank you anyway 😀

  11. Very pretty figure. I love the mirror she comes with too. The whole thing’s just so classy and gorgeous!

    • All the reasons why I buy her 😉

  12. She looks great! So the mirror comes together huh. Lovely! She does really remind me of the Red Riding Hood. Frankly, I’ve not seen her before, not in the GSC catalog. She is 2007, how did you manage to get her?

    • Yes the mirror included 😀 she is in the catalog (just scroll down).
      Would you believe ,I found from a Hobby store ? found her behind another old figurines in bottom shelf 😉 . the truth is no one really care to check the bottom shelf or “dark place”(mostly on sale items) where they “dump” older figures, since most store just display newer figures and toys that get more mainstream or currently the show is on air , on their “great display place”. I also found more “rare” stuff LOL.

      and as you see from above comments not all know about her,seems that older anime don’t get much mainstream like nowadays anime 😦

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