My History With Anime

March 7, 2011 at 6:53 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 30 Comments

as response of Nopy’s project . this isn’t Anime blog and I am not otaku after all , but I did blog about them 3-4 years ago when still regularly watching them,at least once they become part of my life since I don’t really have social life even now and of course they influencing toys and Figures collection.

I am 19 anyway so I can write this while remembering most of them lol

all  fictions that fill my childhood and now are Manga,Tokusatsu,Anime,Roald Dahl’s Children Novel and John woo’s action movies(HK version) + my mom always made me accompany her while watching korean or japannese drama.

For first Anime maybe a bit different from the other but somehow 80s anime filling more since local TV love to repeat classic one from 80s series the 5 that I can clearly remember was saint saiya,creamy mami,macross,Doraemon and a “magical” girl that able to transform into adult with any profession she want like doctor,detective,spy,etc (forgot the name >_<) these are the one when I was like 5-7 years old, here are some more that i barely remember but somehow Girlish anime took my interest more.

then the trend change and 90s anime take over like Dragon ball Z,Patlabor,Samurai X,Sailormoon,Cardcaptor sakura,Gundam wing,evangelion,Pokemon,Digimon,captain tsubasa( during 2002 world cup this really take over ) and mostly anime that focus on it’s merchandise  like trading card game,Mini4WD,Crush Gear,Beyblade thingy.

I like Cowboy Bebop the most from 90s era 😀 but I watch them for the first time in 2003 hahaha

once I can read properly ,I grown to love manga a lot even more than anime, since I feel that most anime adaptation are sucks and somehow like to read more weird for modern teens eh ?. My mom and sister really give influences about reading not just manga of course,but this post should be about Anime hihihi let’s make it short I like gore theme manga,doesn’t really like sport genre prefer real sports, read any kind of manga shoujo,shonen,seinen doesn’t matter,my favorite art style will be CLAMP,and Yu-Aida, for modern shoujo manga only Ai Yazawa’s NANA really good for me the Anime and Live-action film also great.

So yeah maybe family influences have something to do with. same with My dad and bro that make me interested in action movies and sport-racing(especially Formula1 and MotoGP).

Basically In contrast of Toksuatsu, and Action movies, I love Girlish  Anime especially magical girl genre but I slowly grown sick with them.

For “modern” era my main love are these : other than mecha genre(mainly gundam )since I like their merchandise more from model kit,gashapon to the action figures,somehow I watch the anime  just to see new Mobile suit/robot and waiting for it’s Toys to be released 😯

* modern = above year of 2000

guess what ? click the image if you gave up 😉

these deadly ladies ^^ maybe action movies have something to do with this and how I love Firearms so much.

and Rozen Maiden still don’t know why i like this ?

for the last 2 Gunslinger Girl and Rozen Maiden I grow to like the manga more, the anime kinda lame for me 😦 especially when I re-watch them.

there are also bunch of other anime from A to Z (from Azumanga daioh to Zombie Loan ) but really these 3 are special for me.

but yeah those are the past I think the last anime series that I truly enjoy to watch are Jigoku Shōjo,Lucky Star ,Code Geass, and kara No Kyoukai, rebuild of evangelion looks good but I don’t really have feeling for it, after that none really took my interest 😦 Just fan-service overload,cute/moe, they might good but too often being used make me bored , and Gundam also boring…..but of course this just me 😉



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  2. Haha, I watch mainly mecha anime…
    Have you watched Fafner or Rahxephon? I am currently watching Rahxephon now, finished Fafner, Fafner was pretty good.

    • yup I watched some mecha and super robot series also, Rahxephon pretty good 😀 I prefer the manga thought more ironic for fafner just watched few episodes(have more interest at Gundam Seed and Fullmetal Panic at that time) maybe will continue in the future who knows right depends my mood 😉 but I think I like Jinki:Extend the most for non-gundam mecha anime.

  3. I didn’t get into anime with a lot of gore until I watched Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I also watched Kara no Kyoukai, but it confused me a bit, probably because it took so long for each episode to be released and I ended up forgetting things.

    Nowadays it’s easy to say that fanservice/moe anime is boring, but there are a few good ones out there.

    • I love thrillers and Horrors maybe that’s why Kara no Kyoukai rape my mind and I love it 😀 , and now you reminds me I haven’t watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni live action movie >_<;.I also like visual Novel but some of it's anime adaptation also don't attract me very well,will check more new series later just finished bungaku shoujo,Gundam OO movies last week and one episode of Ore no Imōto maybe try that Squid girl next weekend,Anime series not tempted me anymore prefer watching OVA/Movies.

  4. hmm…….mine is more complex, as i tend to watch anime that makes me curious on it. and yeah, i dont watch anime much XD
    even i recently watched Gurren Lagann, despite it is loong out XD

    • Gurren Lagann is quite amusing hahahaha

  5. I’m also into mecha anime, which is pretty much Gundam, but I like to expand my horizon. I remember some of my first anime; Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon (I was in the first grade lol), Rurouni Kenshin, and… others I can’t remember DX. I recently finished some old ones like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun, which were freaking awesome, but lately I’m more into manga now. Bleach, Naurto, and other mainstream stuff got boring, and lot of the newer shows are just slice of life school scenarios. Some are good, but most are boring or hold little interest to me.

    • Somehow i still read those mainstream stuff at least they get update regularly unlike the rest but don’t expect me to watch the anime anymore.Trigun is great since really hard to understand the manga but still not really fond with how the story grow hahaha, the last point is similar with mine me except if they start to make anime for Yotsuba& that will be an awesome slice of life.

  6. HMM… cowboy behop, i still remember they took a scene in singapore lol

    • yeah I barely remember but I think Singapore mentioned there at one episode hahaha ^^

      • i think is at the merlion

        • Thanks for remind me I now remember, Faye Valentine is came from Singapore it mention in flashback or it’s video I forgot hahaha(merlion on the background).

  7. From your favorite (Lucky Star, Code Geass, Kara No Kyoukai), I only love Lucky Star. No doubt about it, Lucky Star is one of the most successful anime without having to do much of the “fans service” stuff. As they say, good product will get good response. Many other anime nowadays are lame.

    I remember watching the Seitokai Yakuindomo anime last year and that is one of the worst anime I’ve ever watched in my life. There is no stories at all, you just get to watch a bunch of school girls mentioning sex-related stuff in their jokes or conversation all the time (something like me in a way) but after several episodes, I ask my self – what the fuck is this anime about – I get bored with it but somehow I managed to finished watching them all as I bought the DVD anyway… sigh…

    High School of The Dead is not so bad but no continuation (as at now)… sigh

    Gensomaden Saiyuki (and it’s side story), Initial D, Vandread, Samurai X / Rurouni Kenshin (up to final battle with Shishio Makoto) and Apple Seed (they have 2 OVA/movies) are the anime/OVA that I still love from many years ago.

    In the recent years though, Lucky Star is still the best thanks to the unique innovation of that 2 Lucky Channel anime and life character addition, Akira Kogami and Shiraishi Minoru (something that I’ve never seen before). Anyway the 4 main characters story are also excellent… I still love the clumsy Tsukasa….

    The first Haruhi anime is also good, eventually thanks to that anime I learn about Figma. The follow ups anime/OVA – from what I heard, not so good already.

    Katanagatari is one of the best samurai story as well as that wonderful Sengoku Basara.

    As for mecha anime, I watched lots or almost all of them including the OVA/movies but I only love Stardust Memory, Seed/Seed Destiny as well as OO.

    The recent quality of many anime are seriously sucks

    • No doubt with Lucky star eh 😀 give me time to read :), yeah totally forgot with cyber-punk anime like appleseed(and that Ghost in the shell)I like them also as I indirectly mention for Samurai X,High school of the dead and Initial D, I like the Manga more not really fond with it’s adaptation , as haruhi yeah the first season is good before they start repeating episodes hahahaha

      I miss stardust memories, Seed is good but still don’t think destiny is great >_<,OO also quite disappointing I feel that the movie ruin it ?

      • Ghost in The Shell is rock!!! the graphics awesome…. by the way, I never read any manga in my life, all that I mentioned are just the anime version. The Gundam OO, I think it’s quite OK, at least better than Seed Destiny. Although I can admit that Seed Destiny is not as good as Seed but without it, the whole story is incomplete, so minus all the bullshit crying, annoying characters and lots of repeating scenes, I still thing it is important part of the CE era and the ending (from the alternate/shortened movie version) is better as we can see them all live happily ever after. The Gundam OO movie ending is seriously sucks but not much we can do… I prefer to just watch the anime and pretend that the movie never exist. Now I hope Bandai can still continue the long delayed “Gundam Seed/Destiny” movie…. Never give up hope, I will still waiting coz Kira Yamato and Seed era is one of the biggest money maker for Bandai.

        • all i clearly remember from Seed Destiny was repeating Impulse transformation/combination -_-;, just watch OO movies yeah…………………I also looking forward for Seed the Movie, miss seed so much at least when seed aired my gunpla collection increased a lot I even purchased MG Aile Strike.

  8. Interesting history ^^ I feel guilty for not reading as much manga as even the average anime fan really. I don’t own much manga but I prefer to read the real physical form of it rather than scanlations, and since I’m not quite fluent enough with Japanese reading skills I like to stick with English manga released in local stores for the most part. Rozen Maiden is one that I really need to hunt down and read, because the story of the anime ended too suddenly and I know there’s a lot of story left. There are actually a number of gems hidden in more recent anime, but I don’t blame you for not being interested in the majority. I have a different level of tolerance for anime of the cute/moe and fanservice kinds for sure, but with the huge amount of those these days even I get tired of it from time to time. I think I spend about an equal amount of time watching older anime as I do watching modern anime.

    • I also read and collect bunch of translated manga ^^.
      Well since peach-pitt already out from comic Birz and tokyopop lost it license it’s out print now >_<, the Manga is totally different.Tolerance really have it's own limit.

  9. hehe it seems like you dislike anime nowadays,but its okay people change interests in their life 😉

    I remember watching Dragon ball Z as I took my evening meals, the action was great,story was ok but a bit random it was mainly train–> fight–> stronger enemy–>train–> fight–> stronger enemy…

    Lucky Star and Code Geas were also shows I really liked, I loved the LS ending iaraoke a lot, I remeber Konatas Head Chala XD
    kara No Kyoukai was great even though I hate excessive violence torwards characters I like,in one episode I nearly puked XD

    My interest in Cardcaptor Sakura just awakoke after I’ve seen the first movie or her in last year too bad that the torrent takes endless and the dvds are rare 😦

    • hahaha Seiya really awesome =) Lucky star is absolutely entertaining even now 😀
      I love Violence ^^;. I miss cardcaptor sakura only finished the first season and maybe halfway of the second 😦 yeah very rare indeed.

    • Fabienne, it’s not that me and Aya dislike anime nowadays, but at least in my personal point of view as a mid 30’s man who still love anime and hentai and porn, in the recent years, the story or plot quality have declined…. The studio/production company blaming the declined in income due to the illegal download and piracy and all that bull shit but in truth is, the overall “story” and “originality” and “unique” elements of many anime released recently is no longer like it used to be in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s… yes, many will say that at the end it’s all about “personal taste” but the basic fact is that “good product will get good result” simple as that. Since many of us here love “Lucky Star” anime or manga, there must be something “precious” from that series that make us love it so much. Though sometimes I watched those downloaded anime that I get from my friends and I also bought some pirated anime DVD, I still in fact buy original DVD for the titles that deserved my money (like Lucky Star). As for the rest, sometimes it makes me grateful not buying them coz after watching them, it feel so sucks… Let’s hope that the studio in Japan can still make a better anime like it used to be those days….

      • I understand your point,in the last summer and autumm season there were quite a few not very good shows I’ve picked 😦 but there were bad anime shows in the past, as well,it’s easy to forget bad shows from the past.
        Well nowadays most of these short 12-13 episode long shows aren’t good like in the past, they are mainly rushed, badly paced or just have a random setting, in the past they were a bit better imo.
        the latest very good anime shows I have in mind are Bakemonogatari,Durarara, Amagami SS =)

        • yeah rushed show 😦 well i can accept since most of them are adaptation whether it’s from manga or game. I quite like Bakemonogatari, and Amagami SS 😀 haven’t watch Durara yet.

  10. XD I cant really remember any anime I watch went in the pass until around 2001 ? All I remember about last time before around 2001 ?was food show and ultraman and mutant turtle.

    • the oldest one that I remember was 1999,for old one only remember Ultaraman Seven,Ninja turtle =)

  11. I never really watch an Anime..I’m more of a Manga guy I guess 😀

    • Same here I am more towards manga Guy 😀 but I did watch a lot of anime before ^^

  12. We have pretty different tastes in most fiction; I’m not very big on mecha or tokusatsu, but interestingly, when it comes to anime, we’re similar. I love Rozen Maiden and Gunslinger Girl too!

    Anyway, I have days when I lean toward manga, but it all depends on my mood.

    • for mecha maybe because my parents always buy me robot toys related when i was kids, yeah always depends on mood, wish have mood now 😦

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