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March 25, 2011 at 9:33 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous | 25 Comments

I am a bit bored and just play with them and took few pictures ^^

Tear apart coz he is Double 😛

Strike and  his big head

Kamen Rider Hockey Mask



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  1. LoL at the first picture. XD

    Was thinking that she was going to wore the SD’s head. Kakaka~!

    • hahahaha you read my mind, but I have seen something similar before so abandoned that idea…

  2. >>last picture


    >> Isaac Clarke


    • and who will be the Necromorphs ? 😀

  3. Its cool that double is able to split in two XD,save money for the variation ^_^

    • and you can make Fang-Metal and Fang- Trigger LOL

  4. That masked rider is really Jason from Friday the 13th lol.

    • I need Machete T_T

  5. If she could wear Strike’s head as a helmet, that’ll look really cool 😀

    • haha don’t have peg to attach the head, and i seen something similar before.

  6. Lol the first pic, that would make double KO with one slice XD

    • hahahahaha True, actually I want “say” that Double split before Renge’s sword touch him hahhaha >_<;;

  7. She’s quite the violent one, isn’t she?

    • Depends the owner 😛 I love violence ^^

  8. Good news for you Aya, Shewsbury Land Digirama Contest 2011 and Shewsbury Land Toy Photo Contest 2011 will be announced soon, maybe within this week…. check out Shewsbury Land in the next few days…..

    • Thanks for the info DJ Hope can participate 😀

  9. How come W still could stand with one leg? In your photo I didn’t saw any stick to support it.

    • thank you for visiting 😀

      hahaha there are Blu-tac on his legs 😉

  10. OMG garren looks like he is from those horror movies….hahaha

    • exactly =)

  11. Nasty!! XD

    • which one ? ^^

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