LEGO Minifigures Series 4

April 3, 2011 at 1:19 am | Posted in LEGO | 20 Comments

Lego Minifigures series 4

just few Impulse purchase

16 possibilities I am quite confident with choosing this kind of “blind packaging” use “groping technique”

Kimono Girl(or rather Geisha) and Crazy scientist.

I thought I will get the Viking when grope the bag since, I thought it would be the axe parts but it turn out to be the kimono girl’s fan >_< for the scientist I can say with feel the flask inside the bag.

No back printing on the scientist 😦 the hair is interesting since it’s rubber not plastic and the girl’s skirt parts loose easily since it’s basically a printed brick.

with series 3 that I got earlier Elf and Samurai



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  1. Wow you are lucky to get the mad scientist. I failed to get the Elf warrior in series 3…

    • I heard he is rare but spot the scientist is the easiest the hair is rubber so soft but i seek the flask this time,I notice the shield for the elf back then and as you see I failed get Viking….

  2. heh, talk about groping XDD

    • LOL what was you thinking

  3. Haha, so you are into Lego now eh?

    • hahaha I buy any Toys&figures that took my interest.

  4. I haven’t seen these lego characters yet. Are they just coming out?

    • yes just coming out,they should have released by now especially in North America.

  5. Your Lego collections slowly but surely become more and more now…. I like both the Japanese lady in red dress and that scientist holding green liquid or what ever….

    • I just need few more then stop,don’t have enough space. green chemical 😉

  6. To me the best is the mad scientist XD crazy hairstyle and I love the colour in the beaker.

    • I also like him the most from Series 4,actually kinda silly the hair id made from Rubber.

  7. woah.. I forgot that you collect lego too…

    • Try visit Figures Subforum sometimes bro 😉

  8. Cute lego geisha ♥

    • Yeah cute and the kimono-printing is brilliant

  9. This reminds me of the Lego Xbox360 game which I was playing last year. It’s cool.. And I grew up with Lego, just owning one or two. It was an expensive toy for poor my family like mine back then. I’d probably only get one from my grand-uncle during special occasion. Those were the days… 🙂

    • Never play any lego video games before >_< .the only lego I remember have back then was a small racing car,don't really have memory with them 😦 .

  10. Very cute mini figures. How much did you get these for? Lol on the groping technique. You can’t do that on blind boxes though ^^;

    • Than you for visiting Xine 😀

      I got one for around 3.36 CND each 😦 well was less than that for the series 3, minifigures series won’t sell so far from 3 USD except you buy certain popular character , for blind boxes and gashapon machine well LUCK beat anything(other that weight and shake them) 😀 do you believe Toys and Figures are mate LOL

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