1/8 Shizuka 2P Color by ALPHAXOMEGA

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I don’t post the NSFW pictures directly,I think can put this as SFW post.


so what I should explain about this demon Ninja ? 😀

Not really into Queen’s Blade but I want some of it’s figurines especially my favorite characters

Her skin is so whiiiiteee.

note: for some reason I try weird lightning so in some of the pictures her skin color a bit messed >_<, will try replace them later.

Somehow I think it would be awesome if she have scary Tatoo on her back 😉

The only thing I don’t like from her concept is her large breast,Currently she have the biggest boobs among my collection and don’t have loli-looking

Clear Pink Display Stand ?

the weapon is short Katana I believe this called Kodachi, since the handle seems longer than Wakizashi. if care about that of course

Her left arm and wrist can rotate

Don’t really fond this rotate feature but at least I don’t get any problem with her,My Ymir right hand off easily 😦

My only complain about her, the hook can’t attach very well, hell yeah problem for most figure with cast off feature.

Don’t really care with that naked feature, but if you want to see click the image above or here(NSFW) .



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  1. I don’t really like the overly big size breast concept for the queen blade series,but she is a samurai?

    • Personally I like small,Flat is OK this my only figure with large breast lol ,and after all not all Queen’s blade have giant boobs hahahaha, She is Demon Ninja 😉

  2. Dunno why cast off feature becomes quite popular now.
    To me it makes the character looks weird. Wrong pose in wrong outfit >.<

    • Cast off feature is sucks >_<, but sometimes it's nice too peep
      ^^ haha,for me the outfit is right,it’s 2P color after all but yeah weird pose and skin color. I buy because it’s Shizuka no more no less reason 😉

  3. Wow, that character looks very pale. XD Still not into figure collecting, but I do like some that is out in the market. ^^

    • Indeed pale looking, Let me guess shy of buying and keep ? did happen with me before ^^ and still for some wish I have courage to buy Native Shojo S 😦

  4. I’m not too fond of this figure. The overly large breast isn’t my thing either. And, I just don’t really like her in general. Can’t pinpoint exactly why not.

    • I also Don’t like large breast and open clothes,maybe she will be my only busty figures,hmm Because she looks creepy with that pale color ? well the pale looking and ninja theme are the reason I like her or maybe some feel disgusting with those naked feature ? I also felt the same before when seeing naked figures on the internet and some of them absolutely SICK but I change my mind when see some native’s figurines

      • It could be the color. It feels a bit faded.

        • I see, looks a bit like Ghost ^^

  5. I never watched the anime to be fair, but judging from their Revoltech figures… makes me want to puke… the breast is seriously over sized..

    For this one is still quite large, probably G cup…. but I guess not too terribly large like the others…

    Since u can make her naked, I think that is indeed a good features that not many PVC figures could provide….

    I can still like this character/figure….

    • Don’t care with the anime looks silly just strip action I mean they use sword and another sharp weapon but ………………… no blood ? 😦 but I really like some the of the characters concept and design.
      She will be my favorite if her boobs are small ^^ hahahaha

  6. Haha well…then i’ll be the odd one out that actually likes her cast off feature 😛 I do like big boobies though haha! Personal preferences i guess…

    • hahahaha all have own preferences and somehow this post will end with boobs size fetish talk 😛

  7. Oh I didn’t knew Shizuka is one of your fav QB characters 🙂 she has a very pale skin color in this version, but I think AlphaxOmega is a good company.

    I own two QB figures, Alice and Nanael ok Alice is from Queens Gate, but thats more or less the same.

    • Nope My fave are Allyene and Ymir might be shizuka if only she have smaller boobs 😛 ^^ well the pale skin attract me don’t know why >_<;, ah Alice cool was wanting that one years back

      • Ah I see, I like all sizes of the QB girls, only these two monster boob characters are not my liking ^^

        • yeah some of them over-sized 😯

  8. How have you been Aya?

    Interesting! I’ve got no idea that you’re into Queen’s Blade figure too. And.. man… Queen’s Blade… It’s all about boobs, nothing but boobs.

    Also, I do agree with you that cast of features sucks. Generally, it’s a good idea. But I don’t like the fact that the manufacturer tends to not take care of some details which make cracked lines become visible. Also, the joints get loosen easily too… 😦

    • I am alright 😀
      Only have 2 so far, I don’t like large breast but I must admit some of them quite attractive,for her I like the pale looking color weird taste eh ? not to mention sometimes I like short hair and this my first mature-looking woman in my collection hahaha
      Sure You have much more experienced with that cast-of feature, at least she don’t have removable underwear that looks like a diaper ^^

  9. yup..that double round thing on her body is way too big..
    i kinda agree with you about putting some tattoos on her back. That’ll look very artistic 😀

    • what I like about her is the pale skin color,weird taste eh ? ^^ , yeah Tattoo on her back 😀

  10. Nice figure,although Ithink the best quality for figures is from Alter.
    But somethings wrong with your onswipe theme for the Ipad,
    It uses the NSFW pic for the cover page.
    I open this page at work on my Ipad and BAM boobs appear LOL XP

    • Thank you for visiting 😀
      Yeah seems Alter have the best Quality, AlphaXomega supposed to be Alter and Megahouse collaboration but I don’t feel any Alter from this.
      and that’s Really Not save for work hahahaha ^^

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    • Thank you Joan that’s an honor exchanging link with E2046 but Unfortunately this blog not mainly about Japanese figures or garage kit ^^

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