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April 20, 2011 at 5:26 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 23 Comments

I might not update for a while after this as matter of fact I don’t have temptation or anything new to buy, all what I bought lately were only old stuff I also prefer searching old products for now, and Don’t expect me talk about my life,I am a loner and closed, don’t really like to talk about myself even to my family.

Now after Gashapon,trading figures and candy toy to show disappointment (especially QC)I also decide to stop/retire buying Bandai’s Figures/Action figures(new released), I might buy their model kit but not buying pre-build figures anymore,no more Kamen Rider that’s ok for me hahaha,this my own decisions but seems this will really affecting this blog that’s why i write about this.

I think that’s all and see you later 😀 and yeah currently I have Exam …… Done



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  1. Good luck for your exams k. Haha well its the opposite for me though…now getting more completed figures instead!!

    • hahah Only the Bandai’s one ^^ I am still ok with the others

  2. Don’t worry its normal since life is still going one and exam -_-. its like exam period for some people including me…..

    • Holiday after Exam 😀 good luck with your then 😉

  3. Best of luck! Hope you do well on your exams.

    Anyway, life happens. We’ll be here when you’re fully back. ^ ^

    • Thanks,Just end this morning 😀

  4. Good luck for your exams… as for the blog, it’s just secondary, your education success is more important than anything else now (apart from frequent sex LOL)…. anyway, you don’t have to worry about blogging specifically about toys/figure stuff…. sometimes I would just love to read about other normal daily life stuff…. it’s kind of bored if we go thru 30 or 40 blogs a day and all of them talk about toys and figure stuff only… sometimes we do need a break from typical routine and try something new… that’s exactly what happen in Shewsbury Land, apart from toys, I share about my love for photography, foods and even petty things like microwave LOL… but then again, since no body do it… It’s a honor for me to do so…. so next time, you can just snap some photos around your campus life and upload them and talk a little about what you see – it doesn’t have to be about you anyway (if you worry about stalker LOL)…. that would be something different as well…. anyway, good luck and all the best for your exam….

    • hahahaha Thank you David John ^^

  5. Good luck on the exam dude 😀

    • Thanks,but already ended hahaha.

  6. when did ur exam started?

    • LOL just finished few days ago hahaha This semester I only have 2 subject that have exams the rest are assignment like presentation or essay…………..

  7. Good luck for your exams and its okay to blog about your disappointment. Sometime the maker do need this kind of feedback.

    • Thank you LEon.

  8. Good luck for your exams aya..
    btw how about new nendos? tehehe..

    • Thank you 😀 hahaha stop buy those months ago, but maybe I will buy one more to make it even lol

  9. already got your exams?
    now I’m into 2 blogs, one active the other will down -_-‘ and vice versa

    • already ended hahaha

      well at least you still have passion for Hobby 😀 , good luck with Figmania bro, sorry I can’t contribute anything there.

  10. so, how was the exam?
    I hope the best result for you, bro!

    • I am sure did well 😀 Thank you bro 😉

  11. congrats for doing well in your exams ^_^

    • Thank you Fabienne ^^

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