Zeruel XX nano! by Wave

May 1, 2011 at 12:25 am | Posted in PVC Statue/Scaled Figures | 23 Comments
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Zeruel Angel XX nano! an adaptation of an Angel in Evangelion series that Designed by Mine Yoshiyaki

Looks familiar right ? she isn’t Pekopon at least

Brief Description she is the 14th angel that beat both Eva Unit 00 and 02 in the series before defeated/Half Eaten by Eva-01 Berserk/400% synch ratio(Original)/Awakening(Rebuilt ver).

The eyes =  Mine Yoshiyaki’s trade mark

The legs


A-14 Zeruel- Type XX

her back

Not that big ^^ basically as tall as Nendoroid but she is skinny

Here is the drawing she based on from the back of the Box lol

Some of the Others Evangelion Angel’s in XX nano! form



Lilith <- Rei ?

Tabris <-  Kaworu nagisa girl ver 😯



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  1. she’s quite cute, I like such small figures with nice details.
    even though it feels a little bit strange to see these monster like angels from NGE turned into such cute characters ^^

    • Indeed Strange to see monsters into cute ^^,maybe should looking for cute characters that turn into monster instead 😉

      • haha ^o^ well I prefer cute girls over monsters ^_-

        • haha, well I like Both 😉

  2. From what you type,this turn into one of those bloodthirsty monster?

    • hmm what do you mean ? this just concept parody , never appear in the series 😉

  3. ohhh Mine’s design..very cute

    (second time i read this post, i just noticed her actual blue arms. before this thought the wings are her arms)

    • True in the original one have those wings as Hand or rather weapon

  4. How come this zeruel look so cute >_<
    realy love it

    • Thank you for visiting 😀

      Yeah Zeruel is Fat bastard in the series >_<, Thank you 😉

  5. I love pink hair….

    • yeah pink is nice and girly, But somehow feel sick seeing character with pink hair >_<

  6. Wow, she is super cute ^^

    • Thank you 😉

  7. What an obscure figure, but very cute. I like the energy and the cheerfulness.

    • ah didn’t realized the cherfulness before you mention it ^^ Thank you Yi

  8. good lookin’ figure 😀

    • Thank you

  9. She’s… amazingly cute XD

    • Thank you for visiting 😀
      hahaha Indeed ^^ thanks.

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