Let’s Eat and Collect/Toys from Food

May 25, 2011 at 2:37 am | Posted in Happy Meal/Kids Meal | 32 Comments

I just notice that somehow I still buying and getting something like these.

Toys from Happy meals/Kid’s meal, kinder surprise,Cereals and anything related with “Let’s Eat and Collect” well I don’t collect them anymore but nothing can replace something like this.

I remember my mom, my sister and me collecting Happy Meals toys long time ago when McDonald still have Exclusive license from Disney, they have very great Disney figurines back then maybe I should take pictures next time when I back home.

These kinds of toys have much more playability now compare with the old one but they lack of details and collectible values compare with the old one,but they do exist I still see some “Let’s Eat and Collect” community now.

I am sure most of you will notice this horse before.

This one is Toys for Under 3 years old from Burger king

not much can do  just swing but he looks cute LOL well I prefer this than Thor’s toys

this one is Girl’s Toys from McDonald Happy meal back then I guess now they offering Kung Fu Panda 2

This called Zoobles ~ spring to life

yeah there is button on the bottom and then Spring and turn into ?

what is this ? rabbit ? Puppy ? I don’t know >_<

This DC characters are from last year Kinder surprise.

I like Chocolate 😀

This also from kinder surprise they offering Cars 2 character now, don’t know their name, sorry guys ^^

unfortunately their eyes are stickers 😦

Size Comparison with Mattel’s die cast

the newest is this Super Soaker(or rather a water gun)  from BK

I think I can use this to make wet effect for figurines but I don’t have any figurines with Swimsuit, I think this make better effect because they give smaller wet effect.

fill the water right here

and pump the handle it will spraying water, just effective form single shot LOL

Now which fast food will offer me Toys from Transformer Movie!



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  1. The quality of McDonald toys sure have gone down hill in the last couple of years. Then again, I don’t buy kids meal anymore. XD

    • I miss those days, well somehow I still tempted to buy when seeing something unique hahaha ^^

  2. Ah this post brings back memories of me chowing down happy meals and collect the toys! Probably this is my earliest experience of toy collecting!

    • haha I make this post to remeber old days 😀 I really miss old days with Snoopy and Dalmatians Figures from Happy Meals ^^

  3. If McDonalds only had Nendo Petits… =D

    • hahahaha even McDonald Japan don’t have those ^^

  4. long time ago my local petrol station offered transformers movie toys and the price was quite……………Yikes!

    • LOL that’s have no relation with Eats and Collect 😛

  5. Wow that super soaker is pretty legit for a kids meal toy!
    I exclusively went to Burger King as a child, and their toys were pretty crap, though at one point they were doing a Dragonball Z promotion and the toys were quite amazing figures of the Z fighters.

    • well I kinda surprised with Kids meal Toys sometimes they are great sometimes they are crap, all depends the toys they get license for as This got Nerf license I think they are more towards playability now, ah Dragon Ball that’s an awesome merchandise they giving 😀

  6. The dog toy is rather nice in the sense in ball mode it look like one and in 2nd mode it look cute.

    I remember in the pass mac used to have quite a big toy as i remember in the past there was one toy from Monster Inc a purple lizard toy which is about 7 cm tall.

    • That one Remind me with ‘Bakugan’ well never have one thought.

      Nice 😀 by the way what is ‘pass mac’ ??

      • XD Bakugan,i never once understand how to play the game

        Dam i spell wrongly since it has the same sound what i meant to say is ‘ past macdonald’

        • I thought there are another chain fast food restaurant called “pass mac” >_<

  7. I see this “let’s eat and collect” community in neokg 😀
    This kind of toys really reminds me of my childhood 😀

    • well I quite active there, but can’t keep up with the discussion lately 😦 yeah even now children eat Kid’s meal in fast food restaurant sure it would be in everyone’s memory ^^

  8. Well, these are kind of unique toys for collections actually, I know that Leon from Open The Toys also happen to have some of it…

    • well unique make me a bit interested, seems that I need check Open The Toy more often

  9. Ah Happy Meal toys. I remember I don’t get to have these since my family never seem to encourage me from having those (had normal meals usually even as a child). Can’t remember why exactly, but there probably was a valid reason anyway. Well I got to eat more from a regular meal afterall so that’s ok ^^;

    But if there’s one I’d really like to get then it’s one of a Sasuke figure which supposedly could balance all sorts of things on top of his head XD

    The Super Soaker one does look neat though. I actually don’t know that Burger King does these toys too until now orz. I guess they don’t do them in the UK or in Hong Kong (or that my brain is really outdated on that aspect).

    • well regular meal more worth of money 😀 haha yeah I seen a review of that sasuke a while ago pretty Unique Toy , i was surprised too usually BK only have Toys from film lately seems they have Marvel license now.

  10. eat and collect.. sounds fun to me LOL
    maybe I should give it a try too nextime

    • hahaha Just steal those words somewhere 😀

  11. WOW youi have the cars collection, i can;t find mine……..

    • So you had cars collection before ?

      • ya, i got a few from the cereal lolol

        • ah the one from Nestle’s Cereals I remember those 😀

  12. Awww… Still a kid at heart. ^ ^ I have a box full of happy meal toys too, but I haven’t added anything to it for a while now.

    • hahaha yeah kid at heart, that’s make me feel young forever, I barely add something maybe just one every two or three months

  13. OMG! Right now they have Pokemon Toys and special Pokemon cards in the Happy Meals at McDonald’s, of course we are all over that!:P If we find a toy worth having we grab it up right away.:D

    • thank you for visiting Riiana 😀

      saw they change into pokemon few days ago ^^ Anything we like is worth getting 😀

  14. Amusing, I should do one of these posts some day, as McDonald’s just got Pokemon toys with their Happy Meals and we got two of them the first day they released. I don’t normally get them but when they have stuff that I like (or my son), why not. I don’t really eat fast food often though.

    • I just see those Pokemon in your flickr 😀

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