I Feel Empty

June 8, 2011 at 7:38 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 15 Comments

*Locked the comments to avoiding further Misunderstanding ^^ Life goes on with or without purpose/Goal/ambition  for now at least

*found the picture somewhere I forgot where +_+

wish time can be repeated >_< This past 2 months I feel empty….

A lot of confusion in my mind, I guess it would be better if I try  get a Life a bit, will try to less active in the Internet for the time being and as I don’t have any passion of Hobby lately.

and For the first time in my life I wish can open myself to other people so I can make longer post 😦 and how to get out from the box

Notes (due to some misunderstanding)  :

1.I feel empty with my Life no relation with Hobby but somehow it affect each other No spirit n life no spirit in Hobby as well T_T

2. my problem have no relation with entering society or relationship with others @_@ this just between me and my own thought that let’s say I feel chose the wrong direction/wrong decision that’s why I mention  “wish time can be repeated”



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  1. Ah I too have bouts of restlessness and no motivation to blog or dwell in my hobby from time to time. Just take a break from all these and come back when you feel like it!

    • I feel empty with my life actually T_T who cares with hobby well to be harsh they just piece of plastic, I can life without them but less motivation in my head.

  2. hmmm, find a partner perhaps? i do sometimes feel empty at times, but usually i hang out with friends etc so pretty much dont have major effects from being empty. and yeah, you’re at overseas, things sometimes can be a bit hard

  3. I felt pretty empty beginning of last year. Kinda a sad feeling huh.

  4. Maybe if you’re not working you could get a job? Might help get your mind off things. Or you could go outside for a run whenever you feel down. Works for me and it’s win-win too – you get paid or get fit.

  5. sorry to hear that, but you are not alone, Aya TT
    I also feel a bit empty, cause next month a very good friend of mine will move away, since we nearly met 5 days a week, I feel quite bad about this. As he told me about that last friday I was shocked. that sucks and on top of that my preorder list is too long “fu..”

    hope you’ll get better soon ^_^

    @ evolution thats a good suggestion 😉

  6. Thank you for the support and Feedback guys, maybe I just over-think ^^ yeah will try get some other activities ^^ work is great suggestion thank you see you later 😀
    It’s my own mistake I am not clearly explain what confusion inside my head >_<

    • i agree with the suggestion on doing some work. it can get you into society easier 😀

  7. Sorry to hear that, I know how it feels.

    I do suggest you go get out and do something. Try and learn something new like my current project “making smoke bombs” (i’m serious, i’m just having problems getting some stuff since i dont know where is the nearest chemical shop here in the philippines). If you feel empty because you feel like you lack a goal, then i do suggest you think hard about what you want. If no answer comes up, don’t fret it’ll come. In the meantime, do something productive like sharing your time or honing and learning skills.

    I’m sure you already know all that, but trust me, it helps that someone reminds someone =D Hope you feel somewhat fulfilled later on bro =D

  8. LOL actually my problem have no relation with society or I am Lonely +_+ this just between me and me. yes I am quite a loner but that’s because I rarely talk.

    but yeah I must admit I need someone that very close to talk with hahahaha ^^

  9. Yea, sometimes I just wish we all had a time machine or a save point in our lives.

    Anyway, I don’t know what you’re going through, Aya, but I wish you the best.

    • live in game with save option and checkpoint 😦
      Thank you Yi

  10. Well i also hope to reset time,but thats not possible and time does not wait.

    But i think you do not have a goal thats why you feel empty ?

    • Awesome………….., Exactly I feel don’t have a Goal you read my mind T_T no spirit, no ambition , no purpose………

      • Guess like mind think a like XD

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