1/8 Ruiko Saten By Alter

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* Comment fixed +_+; sorry about that i Unchecked the “allow comment”  when publish this

First I want to apologize about previous post for the misunderstanding , but I am glad one of you understand what exactly in my mind and thank you for the support  😀  life goes on

Alter’s Saten Ruiko

well I don’t think I should explain about her a lot since I only watch the 1st season of Toaru kagaku no railgun you probaly know better about her +_+ but for some reason she is my favorite in the series 😀 , scenes that I can clearly remember was when she flip Kazari’s skirt

Just preferences ^^ actually I prefer girl with sad face or rather “cold” but it’s nice have something different to display

as usual seamlines, wish someday I will have scaled figures without seamlines on the hair, or maybe that’s why people like to collect figures with hat or accessories on head

I am lack of Figurines with sailor uniform that’s also the reason I buy this 😀 and after all shoolgirls are the soul of japanese anime/manga and Visual Novel ^^

clear- plastic looking Stand give fragile impression, I can foresee Crack there +_+;

and now let’s peep

Hmm yellow underwear interesting, well I am ok with this since I don’t like the stripped one!

That’s the paint or something why somehow i see it’s looks wet or maybe that’s just my pervert thought +_+

you might barely see but the bra is also Yellow

*of course the shirt is not removable it’s Alter LOL

and now I just missing Kazari Uiharu



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  1. Nice figure which deserve the outdoor shoot! For a moment, I thought you won’t include the pantsu shot. Lol…

    • thank you for visiting 😀

      Too bad I can’t take good picture >_< well if it's just plain white I probably won't take pantsu shot 😉 yellow is different case ^^

  2. Very nice pictures, Now I want her!:D Time for me to tell Persocom!LOL!:P
    I actually am really gllad you pointed out that the pantsu and bra are yellow, makes her unique. And I agree, Shirtless would have made and interesting picture for her, I also notice the seams in hair on figures, and often feels it takes away from character, but hey, what can you do, other than try to make one yourself with no hairlines.:P

    • he is right under LOL
      yup yellow is somewhat unique ^^ for seam I assume they paint it first before attached the hair parts together very likely for mass-production figures unless you paint garage/resin kit by your own

  3. Nice get, and really your pictures aren’t bad at all. The first shot background is lovely with her, and the yellow pantsu are a nice touch. Are you planning on getting Uiharu as well? Haha, you know with the shiny paint on the pantsu I get why you’d think perverted XD

    • thank you 😀 she sleep in box for a while +_+ I was thinking should keep the first as background >_<
      yes also plan to get uiharu, I am sure she get re-released this september.
      ^^ hahaha glad I am not the one think about wet

  4. omai, nice pantsu shot

    • LOL thank you, I thought many don’t like yellow pantsu

  5. this one is cute with a pose like this,, the detail looks good to me too.. And your mind wasn’t that perverted, it is true if those spot sometimes wet inside LOL

    • yeah the pose is nice since I was considering between this or Kotobukiya version I still think that kotobukiya have rather Beautiful eyes. LOL

      • I’m sure that yours still better than the kotobukiya’s..
        hey Aya, let’s link exhange,, I put your blog first in mine 🙂

        • yeah a bit more expensive too ^^,Sure I will add you 😉

          • and it got a lovely pose too 😀
            thanks for adding me

  6. That last two photos under the sun is just perfect for her ^^

    • thank you bro 🙂

  7. I admit that she’s not a character that I like at lot, but this figure of Saten looks cute and also a bit suspicious, like she wants to flip Uiharu’s skirt again XD I like the flow of her uniform and the small flower at her head ^_^
    I actually don’t care about seamlines at the hair as long as they aren’t too distracting.

    • Compare with the rest of the series character somewhat I like her the most. I never imagine she will have this kind of Figure before ^^ she won’t looks great without that flower 😉
      I am ok with seamlines after all most toys and figures have those XD

  8. When i see those picture that is taken outdoor like your background at your last two picture i always wonder what would happen if something like a cat were to pop up and run with the figure XD

    I have never own a figure like this,but what i like about this figure is the way they make the skirt and cloths being blown to one side look natural.But i don’t really understand the meaning behind the pose she is doing beside liking the wind.

    • nah not cat near here, well maybe she using her psychic power ? by the way it’s wind related

  9. I don’t know this figure or the anime… but I think its quite gorgeous….

    • Thank you John 😀

  10. how about uiharu kazari? she’s cute too isnt her?

    • She’s cute but “Cute” is relative right 😀 depends the taste ^^ I like Ruiko saten much more, naughty girl are cuter for me

  11. I usually prefer scale figures with elaborate costumes and big weaponry but Saten here looks quite interesting even if she’s just wearing a school uniform but with an amusing pose. I like her wind-blown skirt and I think the coloring looks really good.

    Yeah, I do hope that manufactures will find a better way to hide the seam on top of the heads of the figs. That would be really nice. ^^

    • On other hand I like simple figures for huge costume I like elegant one like a dress maybe, I love weapons but prefer small one like handgun or Knife totally different from your taste, but I think pose is the most important ^^ ,The wind blown looks natural right 😉 maybe someday no more seam on the head 😀

  12. hello my friend, we meet again :D, btw nice shoot, and I think I must learn a lot from you LOL

    • Hi thank you for visiting 😀
      You took pictures better than me at least that’s shown in your flickr 😉

      • haha, that just a coincidence 😀
        btw I’m trying to create a new blog, maybe you can visit my blog and give me some advise

  13. Nice figure. Still was debating about picking up any Toaru franchise material, well figurine wise, but might look into getting one. The plastic stand was also a nice touch.

    • still don’t like clear plastic thought 😦

  14. Hey Aya,

    How are you? I just read your previous post. Hope everything is okay now and you are into a busy life-cycle (but not too busy of course). I had been a bit lost touch in blogging, trying to keep up with my busy schedules.

    I saw you posted this Alter figure. I haven’t seen her before. I’ve also lost touch with figurine too. LOL! I can’t remember if the figures I own come with seam on their head… But I do know nendoroids definitely have them to enable the face switching mechanism. She does have a cute smile though 😉

    Take care my friend!

    • Thank you softz yes,not too busy but barely think about Figures so I have nothing to blog about don’t like talk much about myself either ^^ You are much busy with works and without your wive beside you right now I wish you good luck too 😉

      I also kinda lost track with anything now, Hmm as I remember all my scaled figures (except shinku, but she is non-scale and wear hood) have obvious seam on their hair.

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