LEGO Minifigures Series 5

August 26, 2011 at 4:23 am | Posted in LEGO | 20 Comments

Minifigures series 5

Somehow I feel these minifigures series plastic quality is Inferior compared with the one from set ? but that’s not I am gonna talk about

I think I came too late so I have rather limited choice since cheats are very common for these, I am not really good with that bump code cheat 😦 grope the bag is better option for me ^^

I am sure the British Royal Guard and the Dragon guy is the most attractive in series 5

Small Clown(with pie)  and Boxer(have double sided face) .

Finally I have a minifigures with short legs,no articualtion of course.

their back are plain not worth showing 😦

Boxer’s Alternate face 😀

My Minifigures from Series 3,4 and 5 so far



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  1. How much the price? I think I want to get some of this if the price is decent. I did imagine that they will look nice if you display them with one of those 1/32 or 1/24 scale cars…. like some sort of simple display diorama thingy….

    • I heard they suit with 1/38 scale ^^ as for price they are around 3.5-4 SGD each

      • I look around in here… cant find this… shit!!!

        • Seems LEGO not famous enough in Brunei 😦

  2. Ah, I forgot all about these. I only have 2 of them from these series so far. A mummy (I think) and snowboarder girl. I should see what I can get sometime soon if they still sell them here.

    • I saw your skateboarder @ your flickr last time ^^

  3. LoL on the boxer’s beat up face!
    Is the clown also come with an alternate face?

    • Nope only that face for the Clown.

  4. these minifigures seem to be getting more popular haha…seeing them popping up a lot more recently 🙂

    The viking will be the nicest looking one for me 😛

    • Seems this Minifigures series attract a lot of new Customer for LEGO hahaha by the way that’s dwarf ^^viking was on series 4

  5. I kinda like the samurai one, a bit plain but cool looking.

    The viking one are great with super big size accessories 😀

    • hahaha I am pretty sure that’s a dwarf since he have short legs, seems they want to make it “pair” with the elf from series 3 ^^ viking was available series 4 but yeah he looks pretty nice I thought I will getting him when grab the bag as I notice the short legs but it turn out to be small clown

  6. I am waiting for this series on retail over at Singapore. If I see it, I will buy some. I like Mafia and Gladiator

    • yeah I am sure it’s will coming very soon 😀 I think i will target for the dwarf and the British Royal Guard next

  7. Wooo…
    nice loot..

    • Thanks

  8. the dragon guy is funny and the beaten up boxer face is very cool ^^
    Im wondering if they are selling these LEGO figures in my region.

  9. Another awesome small Lego figures!!!! would be nice to have them along side those 1/24 die cast car models ^__^

    • 1/24 hmm I think it would be too big for Minifigures ^^

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