Cosbaby Jack Sparrow (Casual Wear ver.)

September 5, 2011 at 6:08 am | Posted in Urban Toys | 18 Comments
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I have seen the Iron Man before but they are Trading Figures, seems now Cosbaby will be released like this, not Random.

First Time I know about this Cosbaby Jack was when I read Shewbury Land Revoltech Jack Sparrow Review(DJ mention this cosbaby series), but I haven’t get my interest till I saw them at a Store.

There are 6 characters from PoTC, it’s written “On Strager Tides” but why the Cannibal jack is there ?

I have seen all available except barbossa 😦

The packaging looks like a bottle  ? the Only accessorizes included is a Flintlock pistol

And here is Uncle Jack, no sword and compas Unfortunately 😦  (the sword is molded as sheathed  can’t be removed ^^)

A bit hard to stand >_<

without the Hat, yeah it’s easier to standing this way I think the hat is too heavy…… but he looks nicer with the Hat

The Back of Jack Sparrow, The hair detail is awesome

With the Pistol

he have ball jointed arms,rotate the hands and ball jointed Neck,That’s all articulation he have and for mine the right hand loose easily 😦

Comparison with LEGO Jack Sparrow Minifigure



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  1. ah….so they are smiling.

    from far it looks as they were like :l

    • wish he have the grinning face 😉

  2. Why… why… why is Jack looking “HNNNNG~!” like. XD

    • He Drank too Much Rum XD

  3. XD is funny that the packing shows a very serious pirate skull yet and the bottom shows a very cute version of Jack.

    • well after all that’s the Pirates film logo ^^

  4. Cosbaby is a great series to collect hehe. I have the aliens one and they are definitely worth the money ^^

    • wow Alien sounds interesting 😀 I remember saw yours during shewsbury land digirama contest last year ^^

  5. I wasn’t really interested with Hot Toys’ Cosbaby line but this Jack Sparrow Cosbaby is super super cute! The packaging looks really nice too. Are you planning to collect all of them?

    • I like Unique stuff ^^ maybe I will try kubrick next time

      hmm I don’t think will collect all as this just based on On stranger tides and Mostly just Jack,the characters of choice is very limited 😦 if I buy again Maybe Barbossa he is my favorite from PoTC series or collect all except jack variation

  6. From what I’ve seen Cosbaby seems like a pretty cool toy line. I feel odd having still not seen even the first Pirates movie though… I should sit down and marathon them some day as I’m sure I’ll like them. Also, those pirate legos give me nostalgia even though they’re newer, I used to have a bunch of the old ones.

    • yeah they are pretty Interesting , although I can say that I really like them for now, about the series to be honest I only like the first one the rest just average and maybe success because of the mainstream and Hype ^^ , ah wish I born earlier the LEGO Boom During my era was Bionicle.

  7. really miss this blog 😀
    I haven’t seen this line before, but it is quite fun and unique too…

    • and I miss your old blog instead ^^ yeah unique, back then I always thought Hot Toys just made 12 inch figures before seeing these cosbaby(ies).

  8. between the big and the small…. I think I prefer the small one… the big one, his face like a kid who just learned about premature ejaculation…. LOL

    • LOL hahahahahaha yeah Kinda prefer LEGO one too

  9. Super cute, and I’m impressed with the detailed sculpting of this figure. This one is from Hot Toys right?

    • yeah the sculpt took my interest too and this quite reasonable for 1200 yen, Right by Hot Toys

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