Okiraku Box – Kagami Hiiragi

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Okiraku Box Kagami Hiiragi by Kadokawa was Released in 2007

I like 4 Koma manga especially if it’s about slice of life something like Lucky Star,Azumanga Daioh, kobo-chan,Hidamari Sketch,and so on but I think Yostuba&! still the best slice of life manga however it’s not 4-koma hahaha

Lucky Star Anime is also funny and entertaining 😀

It’s Nice find Old anime/Manga Merchandise especially if it’s my favorite character and I can really say that I really Like it, not something that I just saw yesterday or due to hype and mainstream 😀

I seen this few times in a store but yeah rather pricy (was $45 I think I forgot how much exactly) the original price is also 2800 yen, I doubt will spend money that much for small figurines,CD that I don’t whether I can run it or not, and some unknown stuff ^^ but it’s on sale for just 1/3 of the price when I bought this 🙂 .

First You got this figurines

Her back

Just about standard Trading Figures size, here comparison with Nendoroid Puchi and a LEGO minifigure

a thin book/booklet with around 30 pages

Mostly about kagami (of course LOL), I am sure this the official merchandise for the Manga as this released by kadokawa and only small portion of Anime inside this booklet.

some  drawing and kagami’s room concept

here the CD’s content, wallpaper,BGM,minigames,some unique stuff

4 Koma manga

let’s move to the CD’s contents

BGM and some mini Micro softwares

Kagami clock



mini games (this is the one which you pick a picture and find it’s pair)

omikuji, now you can get a daily forecast from these mikos

and some other stuff like wallpapers,calculator, another clock(in digital version),music player(play the BGMs) and more useless crap T_T

maybe I should upload these if you want them LOL

Last is this,yeah it looks like passport , I believe this is Kagami’s Student ID

that neko should kick kyubey’s ass LOL

Mostly still empty, it would be great, if this fill up with printed handwriting of “kagami hiiragi”



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  1. Nice get!!! So many stuff at this price its quite worth it!! ^^

    • for $15 I can’t say no 😀

  2. this is sure sweet as collector’s item!

    and yeah, that cat, it should be pwning QB rawr

    • rawr~

  3. So much cool stuff! I would pay that much just for the figure. The passport thing is awesome. 😀

    • Thank you for visiting ^^

      The price of 2800 yen at that time quite reasonable(also the currency), yeah the student Id is a nice touch, didn’t expect that thought ^^

  4. Okiraku Box Kagami Hiiragi? Never heard of it, although looks like it was nice find, along with a few extra items ^^

    • Thank you for visiting 😀
      I didn’t know about this before have it, I found the name after dig MFC’s database, there is Konata version too but not really sure with other lucky star’s girl

  5. Well i didn’t watch the show but kind of understand the show a bit due to the hype.
    Her hair kind of look like Konata hair colour due to the fading of the colour XD.
    I wonder if you could use that student passport to slip into a school since it look quite real but do japan really need a student passport to enter a school ? just asking for fun since you watched the series,

    • hmm fading ? I am sure Konata have bright blue hair ^^ . nah I don’t think so it’s all printed with fake picture and fake stamp and the school logo is fiction LOL

      • The reason i say the hair is like konata is because the figure hair colour look as if it faded slightly,which make it look light blueish instead of the purple,if you compare the box art and the figure.

        lol i got scammed,i thought that was how the passport in japan looks………

        • maybe because the Lightning ^^

          ah that’s not Japanese passport …. That’s how a student ID in japan looks like

  6. This is awesome…. Lucky Star fans like me would love this!!!!

    • there is konata version too Konata

  7. thats an interesting merchandise box,the tiny figure must be super cute on a desk. also the front illustration on the booklet cover is nice ^-^

    • Yeah pretty Interesting. Wish the figure have outfit like the one on Illustration ^^

  8. That’s a really cool get, especially for the low price you paid! I bet my wife would love something along the lines of a Tsukasa version of this.

    • I wonder if tsukasa one is exist Only heard the Konata and this one 😦

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