CT Ushi Origami/Mougyudaioh

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Candy Toy of Ushi Origami(Ox)/Mougyudaioh(robot mode) from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

or rather minipla (mini plastic model) part A and B one for the Ox(weapon,body and head) and another one for the Carriage(legs and arms)

basically this a plastic model, it cost 500 yen each (well I got this for around  800 each) since I am not buy this one full box.

Candy toy means not random/trading and A Candy well since this was released on 2009 eat the candy at your own risk 😀 it’s a delicious candy that melt in your mouth but I won’t eat this one ^^

the box also serve as instruction

there is another instruction for combine him with the rest of those “origamis” into SamuraiOh, that’s why he have a lot of unused Holes and Peg all over the body.

well I am not Huge fans of Combination that’s why I pick this up since he don’t need combine with something else to transform

after assembling the stickers not as much as I imagine earlier but yeah this my first minipla candy toy I am don’t have much experience with this kind of stuff but yeah the Gundam plastic quality are better but this still can snap fit easily without problem, maybe the black parts are ecopla? also  no polycaps joints used

with the carriage

Shoulder Cannon

I assume ShinkenOh supposed to be here

the Transformation quite simple just detach the carriage as legs,put the arms in the right place and open the head’s cover

by the way I don’t attach arms and Legs properly so it’s easier for me to remove it as I probably do lining and minor painting to this guy

No great articulation but if it’s just kneeling pose that’s not a problem

the revolving cannon kinda lame since it’s supposed to be silver

size comparison with 1/144 scale gunpla and Figuarts Kuuga

The Carriage’s wheels are disk that used for the finisher

Spinning on his head while shooting with his Cannon.



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  1. Lol, I never though I would see one of those. What Super Sentai is it from, Samurai or something else?

    • I like watch sentai although not regularly, from Shinkenger but yeah now they have adaptation as Power Rangers Samurai

  2. I am quite surprise how well it look thanks to the sticker,since its a 800 yen.
    Hmm I am guessing you taste the sweet before since you know the taste XD
    And the articulation ^_^ is way better than the DX version.

    • well the problem is the stickers is cheap sticker probably will torn off easily after weeks or months gunpla’s foil sticker much better than these 😦 yup eat many of Candy Toy’s Candy before ^^

      yeah better articulation but this seems candy toy version the joint will get loose easily …..

      • O 😛 no wonder you said the quality is lower than gundam kits.

        I just went youtube and then realize why you say this is better,shinken-oh need 4 box ……………. to complete it.

        • yeah cheap sticker, 4 boxes kinda good for 5 combination many need 5

  3. The quality maybe not as great but surely it can transform… looks quite fun…

    • yeah and for the price it is quite good

  4. Looks pretty good for the price and being a Candy Toy. Maybe you could paint the gun so it’s the right color? Also impressed by his size. He kinda looks like he could be Kuuga’s minion :3

    • yeah considering to paint him, hahaha yeah he can be Kuuga’s personal vehicles 😀

  5. so big lol

  6. A transformable robot is always interesting. But I wonder why they have to give a candy along with the plamo…the plamo alone would do just fine if you ask me 😀

    • well it’s called candy toy after all ^^ and Maybe in japan they selling this in candy/snack store so candy inside is mandatory as I see some trading card also sell alongside snack

      • They’re packaged with candy so that they’re technically food items and thus avoid sales tax.

        • I didn’t know that japan have no sales tax for food ^^

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