Stealth Bumblebee

November 13, 2011 at 4:31 am | Posted in Transformers | 10 Comments
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Legend Class Stealth Bumblebee, basically this just color variation from current Bumblebee in Transformers Dark of The Moon version.

The painting not so great and have nub marks too at least the autobot symbol is well printed 😀

For branded toys in this price this what you can expect, they said takara tomy version have better painting for transformers toys but the price differences are quite huge nowadays and considering they have the same mold.

no great articulation but still can do something like this.

this the bending knees limit, but still much better than older version, but mainly I buy this for the vehicle mode so it doesn’t matter 😀

transformation instruction

this the most important things for Transformers toys transform 😀

this the main reason I buy this I love the vehicle mode and this color better than the original black on the front looks nicer for me that the usual one and I already have the one with usual color although not from Dark of the Moon Version

some holes near the door maybe for weapon attachments ?

This make the vehicle mode looks lame 😦



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  1. with some more colors, this bumblebee would look really great (and becomes more expensive also) 😀

    • hmm like hot rod’s fire painting maybe ^^

  2. Transformer toys has gone a long way… My first was the Decepticon Breakdown, this was from the original series, from the 1980’s. Nowadays you have knees and ankles.

    • don’t exactly remember my first TF toys a Bootleg I believe

  3. i got Dotm deluxe bumblebee, and im happy with it. cyberverse lineups looks interesting too 😀

    • ah Nice 😀 haven’t buy any TF in that size for a year now

  4. the legend class 😀
    it was classic aya

    • always confused how they named they named it called cyberverse now…

  5. Now why don’t u buy some spray from the hardware shop and paint it pink…. make it “Aya Custom” ^__^ would be gorgeous to see Bumble Bee in pink LOL….

    • >_< , by the way I am sure in a scene one of those deceptions transformn(laserbreak I believe) into small pink-bumblebee looking robot

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