Choro Q Toyota Trueno(AE86)

November 28, 2011 at 5:29 am | Posted in Choro Q | 19 Comments
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R/C car last year now it’s time for classic Pull back car ^^it’s cute car right

One of Toyota most iconic car 😀 also famous in Initial  D (manga/anime/game arcade)  and of course the Drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya.

Back then I was debating which one I should collect TOMICA or Choro Q but ended not collect both problem solved LOL 😛

*TOMICA = TOMY/Takara Tomy’s 1/61 scale car model (with some exception of truck and some construction vehicles those would be non-scale)

can spot the pull back engine ? 😀

it’s big you can slip coin there so it can do wheelie standard feature of Takara Tomy Choro Q

if you wonder how it’s work 😉

if only the headlight can open this would be so awesome >_<



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  1. lmao the car looks tiny so cute ;D If there’s a Takumi nendoroid standing besides the car then that would be perfect xD

    • Takumi nendoroid ? you mean puchi ? well unfortunately this car still much smaller than that ^^ by the way thank you for visiting 😀

  2. This is a great edition of SD AE86.

  3. I remember seeing this before at a department stall,they even have pokemon version of some cars.

    • ah I also seen Pikachu version back then ^^

      • For me I think its the 3 starter of the Sinnoh region if my memory is correct.

        • I see, kinda lost contact with pokemon for years now

  4. thats a cute chibi ae86 ^^
    I would like to see it doing a wheelie

    • I should take videos for that >_< let me find a coin that match the slot

  5. Now that is a cute one ^^ kind of a break from all those normal looking version of this car 😀

    • Glad you like it 😀

  6. hachi-rouku!!! very popular car indeed…. Tomy love to do the “super deformed” thingy…. its a unique kind of collection anyway, they are people who love the “SD” thingy….

    • ah seems I am one of them ^^ I have bunch of SD gundam too

      • So I wont be surprised if u have dwarf fettish LOL…..

        • oh yeah… email me your address, some xmas gift from Shewsbury Land will be sent to you…. though not sure if it arrived before or after Xmas 🙂

          • wow, Thank you for your kindness John ^^

        • I still prefer Elf 😀

  7. Cute car, I didn’t know that you like Choro Q, i like your video too, hope your car is not damaged LOL…

    • Indeed it hit the wall…., glad no scratch ^^

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