Digital Grade Heat Metal and R Nasca

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Kamen Rider Double Heat Metal and R Nasca Dopant from Digital Grade Kamen Rider series 5

6 Possibilities kinda Hope get Latorartar at first but since I get a hero and a villain from the same series that’s not bad 😀

There are 2 variations of Tatoba with scanner/claw and Nasca/R Nasca

Heat symbol on the memory 😯 , seems the metal memory is missing

stand like this the only thing I don’t like from Gashapon figures 😦

ah there the Metal memory goes, seems he doing the Maximum Drive attack

I am glad the stand not really needed for standing 😀

the Metal Shaft looks bent it was looks like longbow before LOL will do something with hair dryer or using hot water later.

Another bent sword 😦

…..force to much when I break the bag and it turn worse

Much better will fix it properly later, very unfortunate that seems the stand really important for this 😦 fall so easily

the only differences with Nasca(blue) are color and R don’t wear belt.



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  1. I got a Accel on too and the engine blade is warped like you nasca sword. But I am really surprise by the details on this figure but does you figure that have red colour fad ? cos my Accel which I got at that time already have faded red which make it look orange.

    • Yes I have some old figures that the paint start to fade but that’s after years especially if they got touch with ultraviolet or heat, I am sure the color will fading fast also considering these are gashapon I am sure the paint that being use also low quality …. but I am sure Accel just released like a year ago ? the quality turn worse maybe 😦

      • Maybe but I bought it around feb or mar this year o well it still look great as a figure.

        • wow that’s fast, yeah as long they still looks good 😀

  2. whoooa heat metal with nasca. it was really cute in this form, 😀
    are the weapons can be back like its normal shape ?

    • yes can back like normal shape I had a lot of experience with these bending gashapon …

  3. Heat Metal… nice… apart from the default black/green combination, this silver/red is my other favorite from Kamen Rider W….

    • Somehow my favorite is Luna-trigger hahahaha ^^

  4. I’m surprised that it can actually stand up without the stand, pretty cool considering his pose 😀

    • I was surprised too But for Nasca the stand really needed just simple touch it will fall ….

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