1/8 Sakuya Izayoi by Kotobukiya

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Happy new Year Guys 😀 and Merry Late Christmas ^^

Sorry not much update, as I don’t feel like writing anything lately and mostly just waste holiday watching some anime series that I “missed” this year 12-15 episodes a day not bad and I am glad this blog and survive as I consider to retiring beginning of 2011 but let’s just see how far I can go

Back then I really want this but late to order and not so familiar with proxy service, since this was sell as Mail order exclusive of Comptiq Ace magazine.

saw  this on Mandrake during Christmas Eve for 10k yen so far the most expensive scaled figure I ever buy, my hand kinda itch not to click LOL consider this as Christmas present from myself I spend Christmas alone after all ^^

Back of the box I am sure this the art she based on

first there are two things that bother me a bit first is the knives

there is slot for 9 but only 8 knives included ? but since the hands can only hold 6 the rest would be just “spare parts”

the next is the hair, you can see the mark near her arm

not exactly sure whether those line mark a defect or not, doesn’t looks like cracks for sure, maybe that’s how the hair part attached ?

a never mind got this from mandrake after all ^^

Plastic stand, covered with red velvet, is there a wedding ring inside 😉

but of course just another dust magnet ….

Black~ , 4 sheathed Knives on the thigh are not removable

the knives fit quite nicely but I can’t get a perfect angle 😦

by the way are these model kit ? you can see some nub mark in some of those knives although they covered with paint they still visible -_- but having 8 knives to choose I just can pick 3 nice knives for the left hand and the right can use the one with those ugly nub mark

Let’s change background a bit



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  1. Happy New Year Aya 🙂

    This figure is a cute combat maid, her face is really kawaii.
    I also like one leg in the air poses of figures, I have many figures with such a pose ^^

    • Happy new Year 😀 yes it looks nice I just afraid the will bent ^^

  2. Nice, I like the photos with the black background 😀 I always wanna try to take a photo of a PVC figure, but unfortunately I don’t have one T.T…due to space issue in my house..

    Oh, and also Happy New Year ^^

    • those blacks background are my T-shirts would you believe that 😉 , everyone have space issue 😦 also Happy new Year 😀

  3. Black backdrop makes the PVC looks more stand out. =D

    As for the nub marks, yeah, the parts are from a runner tree. Guessed that they didn’t sand it properly to remove it.

    Thank you for the black pan*knifed*

    • Happy New Year 😀
      the nub more towards hole actually it’s like a removed part from model kit with twisting them by hand instead of nipper/blade

  4. waahh, that’s sure one nice looking Sakuya 😀 although not as mature looking as the Griffon’s, at least this one is cuter 😀

    and a happy new year to you too Aya 😀

    • Was considering buy the griffon one but decide to wait for in stock and this suddenly appear, for griffon I am more interested on this ver

  5. I finally know how great the detail are on scale figure after I got mine a week ago and since its from the same company its really well done.

    Like all the above comment,its really a cute figure,I really love the way Koto do the colouring of the dress and body shape,maybe the gold ring symbolize a clock XD.
    Well I also have line on my figure but its mainly because the front part of the hair is removable.

    • well anyone said koto sucks in last few years that’s also held me back buying this but it turn out to be good 😀 or maybe that’s only apply to those Shining series figure, Seamline always happen they are painted first before assembling after all 😦 , and who this figure would be ? same company, removable hair and considering your blog contents my guess would be Dark magician Girl! Just kidding ^^

      • Darn it your spot on.

        But the few Shining figure I saw do look nice.

        • I am sorry for my own curiosity 😦 ,hmm Figures from T2 art are so pretty 😉

  6. I remember seeing this figure on display in Hong Kong C3 event back in March. Touhou figures can be hard to come by, but nice to see that you got one. I quite like the overall look on this Sakuya! Young but also elegant with a nice twisting pose~

    IIRC part of manufacturing can be like making a model, as in how the parts are removed from the sprues (it’s not always the case but I think it applies to small parts often). I suppose the knifes weren’t given a particularly nice sanding job before painting, hence the result.

    Nice photos~ And Happy New Year to you!

    • oh didn’t touhou stuff also appear in HK comiket that’s new for me ^^

      Happy New year Q 😀

  7. Nice maid but she look dangerous. Congrats in getting what you always wanted. It is a great feeling.

    • yeah great feeling indeed 😉 , thanks LEon

  8. A beautiful figure, less sexy, I like…. good for masturbation support as you can undress her thru your imagination LOL….

    • LOL hahahahaha well only the skirt removable thought ^^

  9. Nice Christmas present to yourself, and Happy New Year :3 Sakuya’s looking good, it’s been a while since I got a Kotobukiya figure but I’ve never had much against them. I do like how they always have removable skirts, although sometimes it seems odd XD At least Sakuya’s got some fashionable panties lol. Strange that there are only 8 knives, perhaps one was lost since it came from Mandarake. At least you don’t technically need 9 at a time anyway. I think the only thing I don’t care for is the base, but at least it’s not horrible, the figure’s what counts anyway. It sort of reminds me of the Scarlet Devil Mansion red carpet or something though. (I’m just biased cuz I like the Nendo’s base).

    • Thank you,Happy New year,as long not shimapan LOL, yeah I check a review from Japanese blog indeed it should be 9 knives but seems the hair really like that,yup I deal with any risk from there ^^ hmm the base is red carped that’s make sense 😀

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