Katawa Shoujo

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I waiting this visual novel for years,so after 3 days playing  these are my impression, won’t spoil much spoiler and H scene of course just thought.

if you interested to play you can get from it’s Official Website  andthere is option to turn off the adult contents if you want

back then I thought the concept is offensive I mean an erogame in disability school, but it’s okay for me no rape, no harem end sounds like pure love story after all

only 97% completion but I am sure I already got all the Happy End for all the girl’s route missing like 2 scene for emi, 2 for hanako and 1 for in rin route and 2 secenes in gallery will try something later I am a bit bored ^^

this game will end after 4 acts where the end of act one will lead to which route you go depends which girl you go at festival or bad end where you died if you don’t go with any of the girls, the act one ended with short animation right before act2

you play as the protagonist Hisao Nakai a 3rd grader that just enrolled to this school after got heart problem the story start where you got heart attack and end in hospital and surgery 😦 a life changing event

let’s start based on the route I get first to the last since many say the first route you archive in visual novel is showing yourself

I was eyeing for Hanako but somewhat end with Lily rout, but I must admit she is prettiest among the others

she is the only person close with Hanako, mainly beacause Lily is blind, so she won’t stare at Hanako disfigured face

would you like dinner with this lady ?

the 2nd route I play was Emi’s

Seems she is the Forbidden Fruit in this visual novel, I mean she looks loli ^^

looks activer and sporty buts still hiding sadness

the third route i achieve was Rin

a very unique girl, well she is an artist after all

I achieve like 2 bad end with her where she dumped me X_X

Finally Hanako

I got my very first bad end in arc one(Died due heart failure) when trying get Hanako Route

a very shy and traumatized girl, after her house burned down, the only survivor and almost half of her body badly burned

and last is Shizune, I always knew I will go this route the last she is in student council so she politician type girl … not really my thing looks like she will dominate and manipulate anything …..

I get through act one for like 4 times before get this Route +_+ the rest go with bad end

being with Rin means you will meet with Misha too as her  interpreter, her real name si  Shiina Mikado, always wonder why there is no route for her and is she have disability ? well I made theory maybe she is lesbian or something that somewhat true ^^

but still there is option to have sex with misha in act 3 but this won’t lead to real happy end

have somewhat bad relationship with Lily mainly because communication, since Shizune is deaf and mute she only use notes and sign language that’s make it’s almost impossible for them to communicate, but it’s revealed that they are cousins although their fathers hate each others

the other blonde character is Lily’s Older Sister you will meet with her a lot if you go with lily’s route

some stuff that I can conclude are :

1. This game doesn’t support Gigolo play LOL

2. No character voice just text but that’s a good thing no moaning from those girls you can play without any earphone/headphone or turn off the sounds LOL



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  1. The visual impression is simply beautiful, these are very nice illustrations at least I can tell from the screenshots of yours.
    So everyone has a small or bigger handicap in this story, it’s quite the opposite from other games where everyone is healthy. Well the girls appear cute and lovely nevertheless.

    Lily, Hanako and Emi ❤

    It's in english, right?

    • I love the illustration that’s why I get through all the route hahaha ^^ yes since it’s theme is in psychical disability school and all oh the heroines have disability like what the tittle suggest disability girls.
      Currently yes it’s in English but it will have another 8-10 languages to choose in future version, since the last act 1 demo have 9 languages to choose 😀 just keep track on their download page

      • Ah ok, I didn’t know what Katawa meant, a quite unusual setting even though I don’t really mind, and as I said the girls are cute nevertheless 🙂

        Ah thats good, english would be already fair enough, but when they have even more in the final very its very cool ^^

        Yeah I will take a look, the illustrations are so pretty =)

        • the meaning sounds a bit offensive right ^^

          Good Luck 😀

  2. It’s been a while since I first heard about this. Of course, I heard about it in one of the worst places you can hear about anything, so I didn’t give it much thought. The art looks great though, and it seems like a good clean (compared to what I had expected) game. No sound is a plus, though voices would be nice to have I suppose. Good to see a proper post about this since I don’t play many eroge these days ^^

    • ah sound like bad mainstream,I heard thi swhen the act 1 demo(ver 1.0) just released I am sure it was in first quarter of 2009 since many VN bloggers talk about it a lot, hahaha this not mean to be a proper post ^^ I don’t play eroge/VN anymore I am sure this my first after like 2 years or so.

  3. Haha no sound is good = no moaning 😛 I can play secretly lol while resting between my gunpla builds lol!

    That lily sure looks like Saber though keke

    • hahahahaha exactly LOL, yeah he looks a bit like saber ^^

  4. I think I first heard about Katawa Shoujo from the same source as Persocom as well, around the time when the demo with Act 1 was available. Apparently what made this special is that it was not made in Japan, but from overseas people.

    I remember giving the game a go, hence being my first experience on what a visual novel is about. Even though I think that visual novels are not the kind of game for me, it’s interesting to see how each girl is handicapped in a different way and there is no ‘perfect’ girl out there. Is there actually a “default” girl who you are supposedly to go with (or canonically)? I have a feeling that Hanako is supposed to be the one.

    • my feeling would be Emi, I mean her name always appear first in character introduction, in gallery and in library

  5. yay! it is finally released!
    i still dont even finish the demo(act 1) yet.. X3

    • oh you waiting for this game too ?

      • yup.. XD
        btw how long average time to finish all the route?

        • Depends how fast you read the text, also whether the adult content on or off and sometimes I just skip the text due to repeating especially act 1 , but I believe it still less than 2 hours

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