LEGO Minifigures Series 6

January 21, 2012 at 7:12 am | Posted in LEGO | 9 Comments

Minifigures Series continue 😉

and Happy Chinese New Year 😀

Series 6 are pretty interesting like lady liberty,genie,roman soldier,alien,leprechaun, and so on

I got Minotaur and Highland battler, unfortunately can’t find roman soldier and lady liberty

not much detail

Minotaur~ easy to spot the head part is pretty big

seems LEGO minifigure don’t looks fit as Minotaur ^^

Highland battler  that’s what written in LEGO website, with shield and rubber sword

the printing looks pretty good



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  1. The beard and expression on the Highland battler is looking nice 😀 Do you plan to get all of them?

    • nope also I don’t have complete set for the older series ^^ probably just liberty and/or roman soldier if I can find them

  2. Hmm the Minotor have 6 packs XD,the genie look pretty unique ~_~

    • LOL hahaha so true,ah Genie I think I spot him but not really sure I don’t buy it, by the way Happy Chinese New Year 😀

  3. I never see this figure in the shops selling Lego in here… mostly they only have those big machines/vehicles thingy…

    • what ? I am surprised if they sell LEGO but they don’t sell LEGO minifigures series …..

  4. Nice gets, I haven’t noticed there was another series out already. I’m liking the Minotaur, and this does look to be a good batch. Will pick a couple of these up next time I’m at a store that sells them.

    • seems 3 series come every year now … good luck 😀

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