1/8 Kazari Uiharu by Alter

February 3, 2012 at 9:29 am | Posted in PVC Statue/Scaled Figures | 18 Comments
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a bit late getting this but yeah I finally got her 😀 I ordered around Christmas,arrive early this year 5th I believe ordered from HLJ for 20% off it’s 28% off (edited : just change into 10% ) right now if you interested not really sure where to find Saten thought.

by the way I moving to a new place to live this weekend so expect less update this month as I won’t get a proper room till April, hope would be a better place for me,but of course no place better than home ^^

Naughty wind try to flip her skirt ?

they have exact the same box just different picture and color

the face is okay I like it 😉


like Saten maybe this clear plastic stand is the only thing I don’t like…


obvious isn’t it ^^

no annoying seam line 😉

looks very cute if you see from this angle, especially her blushing face



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  1. They really look good! 😀

    • thank you 😀

  2. she’s really cute, pose and facial expressiion, so delicate that you want to protect her… from Saten and the naughty wind XD

    The best figure from that origin I would say.
    I want a pretty Kuroko, but only the gk’s of her are appealing for me.

    • but not from my naughty hands XD
      I want Misaka and kuroko too but seems none of kuroko PVCs on market appealing me for GK kinda want this one

  3. nice details… she is quite gorgeous too…. i don’t know much about her though LOL… lately there many discount sales at HLJ and if you have the budget, just go for it…… u did’t get any of the small Tomica cars ^__^ ?

    • I am not really search more for the discounted items when I was ordering last time maybe next time and unfortunately No place and space to keep those cars, also i want to use the budget for something else ^^

  4. Nicely painted XD,is the flower removable? just asking,even thought there would be a seam line there.And I finally know her power ~_~

    • Not removable ^^

  5. Her eyes make her look sooooooo cuuuuttteee 😀
    It’s nice to see that you are adding more scale figures to your collection. ^_^

    • Long time no seeing you around softz 😀 miss you so much ^^
      yeah her eyes make she looks absolutely cute ,sure I will adding more 😉

  6. Beautiful! I really love how she turned out, she looks spectacular. I’m liking her a lot more than Saten, I think the flowers and cute face win me over.

    • Yup very cute, in figurine wise this also one of my favorite ^^

  7. I like the light blush on Uiharu’s face so cute. ^^ And those flowers nicely covered the seam on her head. Are you going to complete the characters in this series if Alter will create all of them?

    • I like that one too 😀 ,if I have chance, Yes I would love misaka and Kuroko(+Index maybe) being made by Alter

  8. U-i-ha-ru~ She looks so cute next to Saten. ^ ^

    • yup 😉 by the way nice to see you around again 😀

  9. She’s Beautiful, one of the most least popular character in the series.. what a shame.

    The figure is well made.

    • well that’s fair enough she well made despite being unpopular 😀

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