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sorry for no update this 2 months T_T and Happy Easter 😀

ROBOT魂 Eva-00 (kai) based the one that appear in Evangelion 2.0, not exactly worth the price since this exclusive item and a bit lack of accessories compared with Revoltech but the figure quality is better especially the paint-job.

sorry not much action poses I don’t have any stand for this guy 😦

I always wonder why the reboot version of eva-00 kai  have yellow instead of the original blue ^^

as always evangelion always looks so humanoid

the accessories included.

I won’t bother with the extra hands since I always have trouble changing bandai’s action figures hand/limb 😦

this Gatling gun is great have rotating barrel and detachable magazine drum 😀

supposed to be used with eva-01 but I don’t have that one hahaha

other than their awesome agility what I always remember about Evangelion units are this umbilical cable hahahaha a bit silly every time I see the anime/manga, but fight with time  limitation that’s something  for sure since you have to beat enemies within the time limit, Tokusatsu series like Ultraman and Garo also have time limitation for survival.

I always believe limbs with bandages are tribute to the pilot Rei Ayanami

so far only one bothering me the right legs kinda loose comparing with the left maybe the interchangeable limbs have something to do with to make it easier replace them

comparison with HG 1/144 Strike definitely he quite tall

and by the way I really not good with action figures 😦

Seems I broke the shoulder parts when change the arm 😦  glad the ball joint is okay so I can glue them back nicely without affecting any articulation point(s)



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  1. well, if they don’t have time limits to beat up their enemies, an episode could take longer than usual 😀

    • That’s true also special effect in fighting scene will cost a lot of money, maybe explosion in anime’s graphic also cost a lot

  2. This design,I got not idea why always remind me of a eagle.Considering it has bandages arm,is this a organic mecha of some sort ?

    • eagle eh ? well the most human looking mecha I ever seen actually, yes behind the armors somewhat they are organic humanoid mecha, some sort of cyborg with human soul in it ….

      • O okay,I thought it would be like G gundam pilot but its the soul ~_~

        • I am sure this unit don’t have(or rather don’t need) any soul inside but Unit-01 and 02 have the soul of the pilot’s mother inside, interesting concept eh ? or rather scary ^^

          • I would say its interestingly scary XD

  3. Ouch… breakage are a real pain. Luckily it’s not so serious.

    Ohh… Gattlings! They make awesome things MOAR awesome!

    • X_x yeah, still I like the N2 missile more ^^

  4. Eva 00’s packing some serious dakka.

    I saw the figure going up for rape prices on the second hand market though. Nice get! Sorry to hear about the broken shoulder support though.

    • you can say the price is quite decent due to the messed box hahahaha ^^

  5. The gattling looks great as weaopon for this Eva unit

    The umbilical cable was always the weak point of the units 😦
    Too bad the shoulder joint of your copy was also a weakpoint.

    • wish they also include that common riffle as well for this unit, mainly due my carelessness ^^ I force too much hahaha

  6. ohhh I like the gatling gun! I could use it for something else.. =3

    • yeah with mecha for sure but seems too big for 1/144 kit and to small for 1/100 kit

  7. broken parts on figure oouch D:

  8. Oh the gattling gun, how wondeful, wouldnt want to be against him lol

  9. Hey Aya! Again, how have you been? I’m sorry to hear about the unworthy of this Eva robot. I’m not into these kinda robots so I can’t comment much. But the gattling gun looks cool and reminds me the one from Gears of War 😀 Also, those hands! Really a lot of them 🙂

    PS: This login doesn’t let me comment smoothly.

    • i am good Nice to see you again 😀 ,That damage is my own fault 😦 , don’t exactly remeber weapons from gears of war except the one with chainsaw

      I had problem with the new login too …..

  10. nah it broke already, sorry to hear that. how fragile the robot 魂 had.. but I love the gatling gun,, what is that thing sis ? is that a plug or just a missile ?

    • just a nuke missile like in the 2nd movie

  11. The anime is quite nice but I don’t know why so far I’m still not really interested with the mecha from this series…. they are quite unique but, maybe I had too much Gundam influence in me that made me wanting all mechas to be something like those Gundams…. sigh… poor me…

    • I was gundam oriented too ^^ but something different is nice sometimes

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