ROBOT魂 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode)

April 29, 2012 at 6:45 am | Posted in Gundam Series, ROBOT魂/ROBOT Spirit | 16 Comments
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ROBOT魂 Unicorn Gundam

non transformable but considering got this for 1260 yen I won’t complain 😀

the accessories, not many weapon included just the Beam sabers,Beam Magnum and shield, the spare horn is made from hard PVC the one attached in this unicorn is soft.

pretty small

the beam magnum don’t have any fancy gimmick wish the magazine is removeable

the shield can be attached to the back but unfortunately the riffle don’t have any joint to do so..

a clear beam seriously ? 😦

the NT-D Shield can open but it’s inactive


maybe should do panel lining with gundam marker to this guy

comparison with ROBOT魂 Stark Jegan



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  1. Im still yet to collect my first one which ive been wanting for ages ^^\I love the plain white makes it like stealth!

    • make me curious which one you wanting ^^

  2. Wow you got it really cheap,but seriously clear beam -_- even the HG comes with pink beam…

    • some from 00 series also really cheap ^^, maybe that’s why this dumped into sale noone want clear beams LOL

      • Yeah I do have a O gundam which i found on sale which does come with pink beam ^_^ but to me it kind of have a brittle feel when i swap the hand.

        • exactly brittle feel everytime pop them off >_<

  3. Oh it comes with no stickers or paint? it looks somewhat naked I always like to paint them myself. Well the price seems ok ^^

    • plain yes that’s how gundam Unicorn Looks like in Unicorn mode, Wish they adding decal like the one in MG ver.Ka

      • I find it rather plain too. At least Unicorn has some red strips if I’m not wrong. Can’t see the eyes from here. I agree that doing the lining would look be great.

  4. too bad the size are smaller than regular 1/144 kit..

    • well this non-scale after all

  5. wooah I’ve been wondering for robot 魂 series, but you’ve gave me all I wanted, and I would say no for getting this figures LOL,, nice price that you’ve got sis 😀

    • sis ? I am a guy T_T

  6. In fact its good that it wont transform coz otherwise we will get many lose parts and lousiness here and there… let’s face it, Bandai is not the master of “transformation” like Hasbro/Takara Tomy….. the price you paid is a great bargain, I don’t mind to get it at the same price…. it’s good to wait and save for those discounts LOL

    • hahaha so true….. yeah the price is nice seems this unicorn mode not sell so well and on the other hand the destroy mode even have new version(full action?)

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