EX Weapon MMS Type Butterfly Schmetterling

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so MMS type butterfly, Schmetterling (totally don’t know how to pronounce this name 8-O)

I prefer call her MMS Type Puella Magi since she looks like Madoka a lot, have magical girl impression and a “pet familiar” but being released in 2007 this set older than than Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika anime

yup Ex weapon no MMS body

and that access code for Battle Rondo

I kinda disappoint this don’t have any alternate face plates since the winking one on box art looks so cute

Still can’t find any MMS body yet so I use Renge’s but the skirt and clothes barely fit and falling apart easily seems MMS 3rd not suitable for this or maybe Renge is short type MMS ?

all MMS body i find ares so expensive 😦  just let me know which MMS body is fit ?

a pet familiar ? this a robot actually and can be combined with Schmetterling

with bunny-puppy looking she looks like kyubey too ^^

combine like this but ah this thing keep falling apart X_X

her wings, well it was straight fixing took time and it will pop up again and again ….

unfortunately battle rondo is ended so i don’t know how this weird weapon and her singing actually work  to attack enemies

If you want to check proper review check Persocom’s , I can’t do much action pose


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  1. I love the packaging, For some reason I cant stop relating her to Madoka but modern version ^^ I guess Its the pink.

    • yeah Pink hair with pigtails,magical girl looking outfit, familiar with long ears yeah definitely madoka in mind all you need is a wooden bow

  2. I am pretty sure there will be more comment above Madoka looking like this figure XD,but seriously Madoka does look like this figure,but that’s a really odd looking gun like you said but a least its unique,a gun that face downward -_-.

    • that’s gun is a microphone that combined with pistol handle maybe an ultimate singing device LOL

  3. Aww such a cute box illustration *lovely*
    She’s a cute magical girl archetype action figure, seems like a nice purchase 🙂

    • no face like the illustration unfortunately:( , haha yeah magical girl the first thing in our mind although seems her concept supposed to be idol maybe ?

  4. Schmetterling is actuallya german word for butterfly.. haha! =3

    • Thank you, that’s new for me ^^

  5. Congrats on getting Schmetterling! EX models all fit MMS1 Shinki bodies so you’ll need either an earlier model Shinki or a MMS1 nekkid body for a proper fit. Frankly I’m surprised you were able to get most of her body parts to stay onto a MMS3 (Renge’s) body. o.o;

    • I see will try look for any nekkid body sounds so rare 😦 ,I am surprised too since the skirt and upper part doesn’t fit nicely at all ^^

      • Nekkid bodies are ridiculously rare nowadays. It’s easier (and cheaper) to get an older Shinki than getting a nekkid body.

        • yeah I know let’s see if i can find any..

  6. so this is the Busou Shinki action figure? i wonder where can still get this?

    • hmm seems busou shinki not popular in around you

  7. Yeah, a couple of alternate face plate would look really nice for her. And why the parts keep falling apart? is it because they don’t fit or too loose?

    • what can expect from old stuff… , because don’t fit ^^

  8. shizen pretty much covered it, you need the older body style in order for it to work properly, I occasionally see them pop up on Ebay, but in all honesty they’re usually overpriced so yeah.. Buy a cheaper old Shinki if possible, that’s your best bet. As for what she does with her gun? Here’s a video I took of her in Battle Rondo: http://youtu.be/QZFAuz7Qyzo

    • Ugh, I hit post before I was actually done writing. WordPress eats my gravatar now for some reason too, everywhere -.- Anyway I was going to say, I have more Schmetterling videos and I’ll see if I can get them up on my youtube channel really soon, I’ve fallen way behind, with over 100 un-uploaded Battle Rondo videos XD

      • Lol. I realize that made little to no sense considering the first comment went to your spam filter cuz I posted a youtube video link, doh! Anyway I do have a couple Schmetterling videos up and I’ll have more up soon, and shizen already covered the bodies, if you’re lucky you can find them on Ebay but people overprice them. I managed to hunt down just the right body for mine but it took time.

        • actually none of them go to spam just waiting approval, Thank you Persocom seems like you looks too excited ^^

  9. WOW… u do spent a lot lately… hehehehe…. I havent got any MMS Busou Shinki figure yet, they are a few that I targeted from E-Bay, but so far havent made my move…. I think this one is quite OK, lack the gigantic armor and weapons stuff but they gave you lovely pink color… that is cute!!! I can imagine that the articulation is quite good for this figure…

    • not that much and I have plenty overtime works few months ago, I was trying save money lately for something although I fail to get it 😦 hahaha I want the gigantic armor one but they so pricey, this was standing on a shelf and wink at me 😀

  10. The packaging is soooo girlie!! Hahaha.. but cute! I bet many girls like it. I don’t know much about this series but she does remind me of my niece 😀

    Maybe I might consider to get something similar for her when she grows older.

    Nice share!

    • true pink = girlish +_+ is your niece a little girl with pigtails ?

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