ROBOT魂 Stark Jegan

May 21, 2012 at 7:04 pm | Posted in ROBOT魂/ROBOT Spirit | 17 Comments
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Jegan series are one of my favorite E.S.F.S mass production MS, unfotunately the Normal ROBOT魂 Jegan sold as exclusive 

got 2 riffles and a rocket launcher at least

a bit hard to put those pods on the shoulders and to be honest not fan of those

back view

pink beam saber at least 😀

I believe one is beam type(righ hand) and the other one is machine gun type(left hand)

Shoulder joint

legs not so articulated



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  1. nice, i like the rocket launchers! 😀

    • Thank you, for that rocket launcher somehow I like Ecoas jegan’s more

  2. Both those rifles are beam types except the smaller one has a more faster firing rate. Too bad the armour parts are fixed unlike its HGUC gunpla kit version.

    Bandai being Bandai, the normal ones are always sold as exclusives. Just like the case for the FMP Bonta-kun power-armours.

    • thanks I don’t really pay attention, some armor can be removed except the one on shoulders, well the funniest thing is not all MS turn into robot damashii hahaha no ReZel no Delta no lotto,jesta,etc

  3. Though I not fan of robot damashii, but when I saw this MS design in form of robot damashii instead accessories offered, I simply like it 😀

    • Thank you

  4. I like this guy more than the Unicorn one, he’s got more character XD I don’t care for the look of the pods on the shoulders either, they look a bit too fake or something.

    • looks more into really war mecha than unicorn for sure 😀

  5. The Normal Jegan is an exclusive? O.o Shouldn’t that be the opposite way around, with the Stark Jegan being the exclusive?

    • not a question that I can answer ^^ this was released like half year earlier than normal Jegan

  6. Thats a cool model, even though its mainly cannon fodder for the bigger ones in the Gundam movies and shows :D.
    I like the old and bulky design as well as all the weapons this model comes with.

    • bulky design a perfect grunts 😀

  7. Jegan first appear in that Gundam anime with Dendrobium right? anyway, I do like Jegan – they are indeed a much better version of those GMs….

    • I think the first was char’s counter attack

      • Oh ya… the CCA – Sazabi vs Nu Gundam….

  8. For the two beam rifles that you have the Stark Jegan holding in the picture, the one on the left hand is the standard beam rifle used by Jegans normally, whereas the one on the right hand is the one used by the older GM IIs and GM IIIs, but for some reason (maybe due to energy output?) the Stark Jegan is seen holding the latter instead in the OVA.

    I really don’t like how the normal Jegan for Robot Damashii is an exclusive; it’s even the Type D which appears in Gundam UC OVA, which is not available for Gunpla models! The one closest to it is the form that appears in Char’s Counterattack and is actually slightly different!

    • I see thank you ^^, oh the Exclusive are type D I don’t really pay attention about that ahahaha

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