A’s Toy Box 2nd Anniversary

June 15, 2012 at 5:20 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 21 Comments

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I give all my gratitude and regards to all Friends and Readers, also Thank you so much for all your comments it’s really fun to read and replied them although sometimes I write nonsense, I apologize about that one.

So another year have passed 15 June 2010 that’s when A’s Toy box published it first post, sure many changes as this blog start from gunpla hahahaha ^^ , will be no real celebration,promise or vows for the future , I just wish I can blog like what I used to be and hopefully better but sure it won’t be the same since many friends also disappear or not as active as before… but A’s Toy Box shall continue



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  1. continue!! people including me have been pretty busy lately.. I think it’s busy bloggers season haha =3

    • True, or maybe blogger season already reach it’s decline…

  2. congratulations to your blogs anniversary, Aya
    so you started blogging a month after me 🙂

    Its sad when blog friends seem to dissapear I also made that experience during the second year.

    anyway keep it up would, be nice to see you active for some years

    • Thank you 😀 , sure a lot of things happens let’s just see how long we can active

  3. Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary and it really nice to know that you are continuing your blog ^_^

    • Thank you I also glad you keep going 😀 , I hope at least can survive for another year

      • Well for now, not really planning on getting a new review any time soon. But i am pretty sure you can keep your review coming!!!

        • not much to review, not much order soon or later I will meet space limit here 😦

  4. Congratz on the second anniversary! 😀

    • Thank you Tom 😀

  5. congrats on your 2nd anniversary 😀 always feel good to have blogs become older ^^

    (i solely blame facebook for killing off blogs and forums haha)

    • Thank you, hahaha I don’t have any Facebook!

    • Ya true…. in a way Facebook plays a big part in killing blogs or forums… people just get lazy and wants everything to be easy thru their Facebook… sigh…. but even so, Facebook is not really the whole reason of it….

  6. I’m still around, even at old age, I may be missing once a while to enjoy sex but so far I’m still around….. it’s your blog 2nd Anniversary? I tot I known u for so long already LOL….. 15 June is also my birthday and happen to be your blog anniversary… very cool!!!!

    I agree that some of the blogging friends, especially from my locality have disappeared due to business in life or other new interest…. quite sad but that’s how life goes…. life without sex is difficult!!!!

    There are times when I also feel lazy or want to quit blogging but I realized that they are still some people who come and visit Shewsbury Land to see my lousy review… so I guess, I just continue for as long as I enjoy doing it and so far I still enjoy it…. in a way, it’s one of the way for me to connect to the outside world…. something like that….

    • really ? Happy birthday Then 😀 sure time goes fast ^^ we met on 2nd month of this blog I think, just do what we enjoy right 😉

  7. Kinda late to it, but congrats on the milestone!

    Haha I understand how you meant by starting off from just Gunpla; I look back on my blog and it’s funny how I now end up getting stuff that I wouldn’t imagine myself getting when I first started blogging! ^^;

    As one continues to stay, one will see others come and go for the blogosphere, perhaps more the latter as blogging isn’t an easy thing to keep up with, but hey I do enjoy reading your posts, so they are definitely not nonsense! I do hope you do get to continue to blog your hobbies and what you enjoy! ^^

    • Thank you very much, I just hope can keep going a little longer 😀

  8. Congratulation on your anniversary Senpai! 🙂

    • Thank you

  9. Congrats! Sorry I’m about 2 months late on it.. Indeed it’s been sort of a busy Summer, I’ve been really slacking behind on posts for 2 years now so.. I should really get working overtime on it myself.

    • thank you, I also lost track lately

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