Happy Meal Pokemon Black and White (2012)

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Somehow I hooked into pokemon again lately so when see McD promo I turn buying Happy meal again and again +_+;; how long it’s been 11-12 years I believe in term of games I only played pokemon red/blue/yellow and Gold/Silver ahahaha

unfortunately I can’t complete the set but yeah I am pretty happy getting them 

actually I ended have extra Woobat and Servine ^^ all missing are Dewott and Axew.

update july 5,2012  : got axew 😀

Woobat,Pikachu,Pignite,and Servine

Pikachu,the mascot and face of the Pokemon franchise, maybe a toys for next bully target 😀  still will be pokemon that will never be forgotten ^^ whether you love or hate this electric mouse

Woobat, personally  I don’t know much about pokemon outside Kanto-johto, must be a flying/psychic pokemon and it  have pig looking  nose design

Servine this the one that I want the most in this set since I am a fan of grass pokemon 😀

Pignite  unfortunately I don’t see this as cool or cute, usually starter fire pokemon and it’s evolutions looks awesome  😦 tepig is fine thought

Axew, The neck can move right and left with pressing button on his back

also got a pokemeon trading card for each toys the other servine and woobat have drillbur and axew but I haven’t open them yet just peek from outside. hmm I feel like to collect some Pokemon TCG now ^^ seems back then I only have bootlegs version of them 😦

this tepig are from last year’s pokemon Happy meal you will notice the difference, Now they print McD’s logo on the card

Zorua from last year happy meal I only have this from last year.

this year and last year cards , I wish they ditch pikachu from the toyline and replace it with that Emolga toys



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  1. Haha childhood days! =3 I never got a happy meal when I was a child though, my parents thought they were unnecessary and expensive XD

    • you know what funny ^^ back then my mom collected happy meal when McD still have bunch of Disney stuff and also when the toys quality still good.

      • haha! well some toys today suck already XD

  2. Pikachu always steals the show from other Pokemons ^^
    Also in this case the yellow electro bunny looks the best I have to say.

    mhh now I feel the urge to eat chicken mc nuggets XD

    • I get bored seeing Pikachu, maybe that’s why i start lost interest in Pokemon years ago 😦

  3. How I wish singapore has this for our happy meal toy.
    At the 3rd pic I thought it was the Pikachu toy was riding a red surf board XD like Red Pikachu.
    For the Woobat I got no comment on the design ~_~
    Out the all the type of pokemon I do not really like pure grass type because in the game they are not that offensive.
    I do agree that Pignite do not really have a impressive look as well as Emboar until I was the Black and White 2 game trailer which make it look cool.
    Its really nice that they included the card and the M logo as it slightly set this card apart from regular card.
    I remember last year toys has more function as compare to this year,
    But man how I really wish singapore had this for our happy meal toy and then I could buy my first happy meal XD

    • the red thing is a launcher so pikachu can slide,
      seems time to buy DS so i can play newer pokemon games ^^ I like grass some of them are pretty and elegant also convenient pokemon for survival inside cave and surfing 😀
      yeah I think last year better they also have zekrom and reshiram, the M logo give more collectible value lol,hope soon, Asia always late getting some happy meal toys only toys from movies(mostly DreamWorks Animation) get priority to be released worldwide.

      • O so that’s why pikachu was molded that way.
        This is a really good yet bad time to get DS, as I not sure if nintendo is going to continue releasing pokemon in NDS platofrm as there is 3DS.
        But to me DS is better than 3DS as there is no region lock, the price should be pretty low since it a old console and I am not sure about 3DS but my NDS battery is still going strong unlike psp which grow weaker every year.
        I get what you mean like lilligant XD
        O ya this year no legendary, hopefully next year will have Kyurem or the fusion.
        O okay thanks for the info and about 1 month ago I remember seeing naruto happy meal which ….. never air in singapore before ~_~

        • thanks for the suggestion ^^ I know nothing about consoles/handled game or even batteries, and I see sony also have PSVITA now although it’s as pricey as PS3 😦 let’s see if I don’t spend money on any expensive figures.

  4. I don’t see that in our McD here. I’ve only been collecting Hello Kitty.. my wifey I mean ;D

    • I have one hello kitty Happy meal ^^

  5. I remember back when Pokemon exploded in the US, every place everywhere was doing a pokemon promotion. I got a handful of toys from Burger King kid’s meals, some of the best toys ever. Ah~ happy days~

    • hahaha true, unfortunately no BK in my country back then ^^. back when the Pokemon was still new i also hooked a lot most merchandise from snacks.

  6. This bring back some old memory…. I used to play Pokemon games on the old Sony PSOne….

    • wow playstation ever have pokemon game that’s new for me I thought nintendo keep them just for themselves

      • MMM… come to think of it… maybe u right… or is it Digimon game that I played instead of Pokemon? kind of confuse coz it was long ago…

  7. It’s really cool that your mcdonald’s there gives out these much awesome stuff (and Japan has gundams in them@_@)

    Hmmm this post kinda makes me miss pokemons now (and hungry for mcdonald’s)

    • wish can see gundam around happy meal too 😀 hahaha me too I playing old pokemon games in game boy lately ^^

  8. Ah, happy meal toys…I remember back in the days when I only went to McD if there is a happy meal toys that I want to collect. I could say that those are my healthy days since I don’t go to McD that often 😀

    • back the days they still have good toys ^^

  9. I have to agree, Emolga and no Pikachu for once would be nice. I happen to really like Emolga and I swear we have too many Pikachu because he comes with everything. I also got the full set of this, and the last years, yet for some reason I never reviewed either…

    • maybe it’s mean no Pikachu mean it’s not pokemon after all +_+

      • eh, Pikachu’s just the mascot, I think Pokemon could survive without it just fine.

        • about that I assume this mean for the anime series, so yeah Pikachu is a must, considering axew is here too

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