MMS Type Vic Viper-Lirbiete

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very interesting  Konami use one it’s best selling classic video game franchise into busou shinki action figure.

so let’s see what this 3 in 1 spacecraft can do

when I first seen this months back, hey  that’s awesome combination of Busou shinki , although I don’t think this the first shinki with Vic Viper as it’s theme.

also like the others each Busou shinki releases have their own sister in Lirbiete case it’s Vervietta

personally I like Vervietta’s blue Vic Viper better but for the girl Lirbiete looks cuter for me ^^

the contents sure plenty parts here ^^

all I see here are a cool looking spaceship and a cute anime girl with pigtails 😉

First those armor part can be combined into this famous spaceship!

let’s conquer the giant Boss ~

this second mode, Vic Ciper can tranform into Robot by it’s own, but honestly it’s a weird looking one for me

it also have beam saber looking weapon or maybe it’s mean to be laserbeam shot ?

and last this busou shinki after all the space ship mainly mean to be combined with the MMS unit ^^

what you think now ?

don’t expect her for stand by it’s own for sure

so far I only have one problem, the part falling apart so easily whichever form I trying to make 😦

My MMS Family so far ,Lirbiete is small type mms same size with renge



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  1. the happy face is a very nice detail of this figure package, so cute.
    There are actually a lot of parts inside.

    • happy to command a spaceship maybe ahahaha, parts that unfortunately keep falling >_<

  2. Wooh I kind of like the design of the spaceship. plus the picture where the figure is place on the spaceship is kind of cute to me for some unknown reason XD. but when the figure dock with the spaceship,the backpack really make the figure look thin.

    • no one will deny MMS Figures are thin konami don’t give enough food for those shinki to grow lol

  3. Walao eh…. ths is one of the most exciting model from this Busou Sinki MMS – this is kind of “Gundamish”… I have no problem with the figure being fat or thin, more importantly they looks OK, in accordance to the producers capability. The space jet is extremely extreme, I mean wonderful…. if I can afford it, I would like to buy this someday for sure!!!!!

    • hahaha some sort sort of MS girl, more love towards the jet ahahaha, yeah seems the retail price looks ridiculous too around 7500 yen,well I got this for 4k.

      • 7,500 yen ? sigh, I guess the typical price of MMS girl with lots of gadget is always around or above USD 100.00 – so lucky that u can get it slightly cheaper…. u r indeed smarter than average bear LOL….

  4. I remember the old Gradius games. I didn’t get either of the Vic Viper girls but perhaps one day I will. I do think that Lirbiete is the cuter of the two. I love her expression in the last picture. I did hear that she and her sister both had issues with parts falling off easily. :/

    • now that’s surprise me I always thought you have all shinkis ^^ ,so not only mine keep falling apart 😦

      • While I have a LOT, I don’t have all :s I wish I did but that’s not possible lol.

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