One Coin Grande Persona 4

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Kotobukiya’s One Grande Figure Persona 4

randomly picked these 2

the reason I never purchase these kotobukiya One Grande figures before is I feel the price ridiculous considering their size converted to yen I get these for 900 yen each,with the price of one full box(10 figures) you can also get a nice decent scaled figure, but I will give a try this time

Honestly I am a bit ridiculous myself in the store won’t explain in details  ^^ I just bought one at first open it and seeing what’s inside inside and back within 10 steps after leaving the store just to come back and buy the other one LOL can’t say much after get the other one as only these 2 left 😦 but I managed to bring home the big box

these what make me see the box that let’s say a  garbage have a little value

they advertise case for these figures I see they are available at HLJ and those can be cut and be used as arcana background for specific characters very obvious they based on those on tarot cards

hmm nicely wrapped

also Instruction and another advertisement for the case hmm now I am interested with the case also their inner base sold separately let’s see whether I will really buy them or not

both figures are secrets in these set wish I getting Rise but yeah they are random after all

so these 2 girls I mean Boys ^^ *got yosuke first if you curious

so here they are Hanamura Yousuke and Shujinkou/protagonist/NarukamiYu cross-dressing
I am not big fan of persona series nor playing the game\ and just randomly watched the anime maybe persona 4 fangirls will screaming with joy getting these 2 but I am not that excited ^^

I am pretty much happy get them they are very cute and adorable after all… yeah ….. cute  …… @_@

hmm interesting each figure have magnet in their head and they stick with the metal rod

so here is it the trap version of the main Protagonist in Persona 4

shy looking but try keep the cool

Hanamura Yousuke

somehow looks so embarrassed and almost crying

Here the size comparison with nendoroid petit and LEGO minifigure with magnet stand

although not what I truly wanted I am pretty happy have these 2



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  1. For trading figures they look quite nice.
    Hanamura is really cute with her sidetail.

    Too bad for you that Rise wasn’t inside, she looks the best I would say ^-^

    • yup they looks far better than my other trading figures, I like Hanamura face expression ^^
      seems Rise not fated for me, I remember entered lottery purchase for Dollfie Rise too couple months ago also with failure can’t get the scaled figure by wave either(the one with uniform)

  2. While I know nothing of P4 at all, not even the anime, I was suprised they are both males XD The one in the skirt was a lot more obvious though. They look pretty decent for trading figures.

    • I just love seeing Persona character design ^^ ahaha I don’t bother peek under the skirt this time lol

  3. Looks gorgeous… but I prefer the one with the short hair…… maybe bcoz of the mini skirt LOL….. hey Aya, come check out my latest digirama in my blog 🙂

    • LOL,sure ^^

  4. Wow this really is a rather costly figure for its size, but i am really amaze at the idea they use, the one where they place a magnet in the figure and stick the metal pole at the base.
    But seriously when i first look at the few picture, i thought they were girls until I read the part where you say they are HE plus cross-dressing -_-

    • just wonder how long will the magnet last ^^

      but they still cute right 😉

      • Yeah I got to admit they are really cute even thought we know the fact 😀

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