Ultra poseable Spiderman

August 25, 2012 at 10:07 am | Posted in Marvel | 4 Comments
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3.75 Inch action figure from the amazing spiderman movie, actually I rather have 6 inch version since that suit my size preference better but can’t find that one and after seeing some pictures it don’t appeal me that much, I still prefer my old ToyBiz’s Spiderman  better ahahah ^^  I don’t have much to talk about this figure 

this version don’t gave us silly weapons or any accessories just the figures but that’s why I like this one ^^

one thing I spot is the art on the card show he have different hands pose, I think similar with the one from marvel universe right punch and left web shooting hands combination

Front details

considering the size the paint job pretty good

the back details

wall crawling

next time I will just tie a thin string to the hands using rubber and blu tac don’t looks really good

yup he sure pretty articulated, I just have problem that one of the leg kinda loose …

size comparison with Candy Toy Fourze and S.H Figuarts Cyclone Accel Extreme



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  1. I think spraying the rubber white should just do the trick for the web 😛 I dare say it looks much better than the up coming revoltech spiderman haha..

    • No white spray around just clear and top coat +_+;; so you like this new costume ?

  2. Wow… you have this Spiderman…. I also want this!!!! 😦

    • LOL you already have this

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