A’s Toy Box : Future

September 16, 2012 at 1:00 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 12 Comments

This how the current A’s Toy Box Looks like before I packed them in my luggage of course,  totally unrelated with the post of course .

this post is my short confession and plan including this blog for sure, I write this in this blog mainly for my own note! I supposed write something like this in this blog anniversary post but I am in Huge depression at that time…

Sometime this month I will turn 21  and like couple weeks ago I quit my job, I was pretty desperate this past 3 months as didn’t decide what I plan to do sooner, I can back school if I want since i have enough money for the time being, probably  just need to work part time next semester to make up the rest, so i enroll and back to college, but last week I decide to withdraw from my course and plan to return to my Home, hope still get plenty refund ahaha , I must admit I am too late make decisions  and now I am in preparation of returning home, at least I know this time what I really want after for like 1.5 years, walking without real destination, I  know I am not mature enough , for a year I just working saving up money(my parents were in financial problem these past 2 years, but hey that’s the risk run your own businesses at least it going better right now).

For now i plan to start my own small business back home, that’s how most in my family does, hope not became burden for my parents or anyone, I still feel guilty disappointing everyone especially my parents, but I will only looks forward this time!

well that’s my short confession, now without any hesitation in my head I feel light, now I just need to find a way bring all my stuff ahaha seems, I need to discard some of their boxes if I have to but they will have better place this time.

and last about this blog , I still have plenty stuff to keep this blog live this year so I won’t abandoned this blog easily but I am not certain whether I can keep going after, I will halt to increase any of my collection this year as I need all my money to start up and  I am not sure I still have space in my room hope nothing change back there.

Just wish me good luck 😀



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  1. wish you good luck and may your choice be the best for you, man 😀 godspeed

    • Thank you Zoidiect

  2. best of luck Aya, hopefully you’ll be happier like this 🙂
    good that your parent’s still have a room for you.

    • thanks you I was surprised too,although I still feel guilty to them 😦

  3. Its great to hear that you finally found what you want to do,who knows starting your own business might be a much better and happier route instead of persuading your study, but remember if you start a business do not be dishearted at the start because i am sure you know that most businesses start out quite bumpy at the start(even thought i have not done it before XD)

    Wish you Good Luck towards your business and look forward to your future review ^_^

    • future is something you can’t see and touch,^^ Thank you

  4. Many times in life we have to make choices, sometimes we make the right call sometimes it’s a mistake… being a less educated farmer working full time planting vegetables, I don’t really support the idea of quitting your study but then again if the heart is not there, you will end up wasting time and money also… since there are other factors in life that sometimes only the concerned person can fully appreciate, I guess this choice is the most reasonable from your point of view. Business can be though but not impossible either. The heart must be strong!!!!

    Good luck and all the best!!! Hope you will find success in your future….

    P/S – are you gonna bring those toys you get from Shewsbury Land LOL ?

    • Thank you John,of course ^^

  5. A bit late here. Sorry to hear that you have been struggling a bit recently, but it’s good to know that you now have a direction you want to head for.

    Starting your own business sounds ambitious! It certainly won’t sound easy, but I do hope you will get through it okay eventually.

    Keep up with the good blogging! At least there are people who enjoy reading your posts like we do! ^^

    • Thank you, that’s my dream since I was kid Hope can manage it ^^

  6. Sorry for the really late comment bro, but glad to see you decide on the direction to take. All the best!!

    • Thanks Chubs and glad to see you again ^^

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