Dollfie Dream Saber Alter 2nd Ver. Part 1

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Anything could appear in A’s Toy Box that’s absolutely true 😉

Part 2 most likely would be her with the Default outfit as I will use my other Dress that I got earlier this year.

First I have more than enough complain about this this Doll even before it arrive, I ordered from Volksusa last year after pay like $682+shiping in advance, and still  get delayed and waiting over 10 months before they ship this to me :(, not to mention GST and UPS brokerage fee that I paid couple days ago, wish knew this earlier so yeah never use UPS standard to importing to Canada! some people wait longer too if they get into 2nd batch and use Down Payment option.

Dollfies, first time I heard dollfie is when I searching any real rozen maiden  BJD and saw Volks Super Dollfies of Shinku,Suigintou and Hina Ichigo, wow they awesome but how they looks a bit scary for me back then ^^, as for Dollfie Dream Never really have interest of them but seeing the first Saber Alter Dollfie Dream she looks pretty, kinda funny as I am not fan of Saber, last year when Volks announced Sakuya Izayoi Dollfies Dream Sister maybe that was my first time I give real interest. I was thinking maybe I can get one as I was thinking buy SLR camera and have some saving budget for it, but in the end i can’t afford  to join any after event lottery or bid any at auction. later Volks announce Type Moon 10th Anniversary Project with Saber Alter ver.2 and Saber Nero, not much interest  at first but after seeing Saber alter promo picture at their blog  siting at the chair, I do want one and her black dress looks so gorgeous. Seeing Her pop up at at Volksusa for very nice price compare with the Japanese store it’s so tempting.

I was hesitate at first but finally order one, around one day before it’s deadline ahahaha. I must thanks my Brother in law for lending credit card(as I just got mine last December) and my family of course,  to tell the truth that my brother,sister and even my mom know I buying this ahahaha, was pretty complicated for sure, I have to send money to my home and also we have an issue with automatic credit card verification(need to do it manually) .

Honestly, couple months ago I enter Lottery for Rise Kujikawa DD ahahaha if I got that one, I won’t hesitate to sell this one, sorry Saber ^^ but in the end I don’t get Rise so yeah I keep this one, but sure If someday I have chance to buy another one Sakuya and Rise would be on my top list, as their after market price are so expensive, right now this and maybe 2-3 nice outfits will do 😀

Okay that’s the story.

The Box ridiculously  huge for the content, so here the body it’s using DDIII white body.

I am nota  BJD expert so won’t talk much about this, knowing the articulations and how to disassemble the limbs is more than enough 😀

The Default outfit as this post published none of this touched, other than the wig part don’t know when I will try this on but sure as I mention before this outfit the one that make me really want her.

the one in white box is the Dark Excalibur Sword but volks is too cheap for not giving her holding hands

She won’t be naked of course, as I will use this Magical Peach Dress that I got from Dollpa 26 lottery Months ago, dollfie clothes are expensive, but you get plenty accessories from this one, hat, blouse,cape,skirt,stockings,Boots 😀

I almost regret getting this after learning that DDS is shorter than DD, I thought this dress set would be too small/short, maybe a bit true for the skirt and stockings but I am glad it still looks good ^^

The Wig and instruction seems need to be careful

damn I am a rough guy T_T

after few minutes struggle I managed to put the wig finally @_@

Not so sure how to make them tidy, I believe using brush and a bit trimming.

another hard time for me put on the blouse because the long sleeves but finally managed to put them on

the stocking would be another story but the boots and skirt are much easier, don’t know about underwear as she wear none ^^

With Minccino Plushie

I know many call their Doll daughter and giving name, I won’t call her Daughter for sure, treat her as pet will do 😛 a name would be nice too as her character named after weapon.

VEE!!! how that name sounds ?

pretty obvious where the name come from~

with all the Magical peach dress accessories attached, not fan of the cape and the hat but pretty nice too this way 😀

Just need gave a single pantie, this dress set would be perfect!

I really confused at first when I want to have her head look up…, so the way to make her look up is pull her head from the neck to reveal the joint before bend it up!!!!!! @_@

Finally pose that I want, Hi Vee!

can’t wait to show this to my Mom LOL

In the end I realized this not kind of hobby I can do good, other than the price, I can’t make any clothes, do make up and I am rough and hasty for something that you need patience and careful….




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  1. Wow, I didn’t expect you to dip your toes into dollfies. They seem like the ultimate step for hardcore figure collectors and you didn’t seem the type to do that. ^^; The figures look very nice given the right outfit and posing but their cost is a bit too extravagant for my tastes. :p Hope you treat your new “daughter” well. 😀

    • Never say never my friend, as I mention this not my taste either, but thinking about it if I use the money equal with this doll price to buy some figures that cheaper it would also end with same amount of money spend, and more space needed for them.
      fuck this daughter thing it is my pet 😛

  2. ahaha awesome, Aya. You even bought her cute clothes, but no underwear, come on I don’t think Vee is happy like that XD

    Actually I would like one Dollfie for myself, but the price is something that bothered me so far. Oh, yes Rise looks great as well, but this one actually caused my interest recently,
    Hehe well the loli Dollfie is cheaper

    • I can use the one from the default outfit, it’s black and quite sexy have garter belt too, but it’s still sealed in the plastic LOL. I will get the plain one later the striped one would be nice too. Honestly I would love bondage outfit @_@.

      Ah i see the new models, Miko looks pretty and sexy for sure, the loli also cute but considering it’s you, I thought you would interested with VMF50 Super Sonico ahahaha.

      • Haha well I would take the Sonico one for free, but she isn’t close enough to my impression of her, maybe she doesn’t work as doll.

      • btw good that underwear is included ^^ striped pantsu would suit her as well.

        • I must admit need a bit more chubby to be more Sonico like especially the arms.
          I heard it stains easily so, I don’t bother to use it for now…

  3. Wow didn’t expect you got into Dollfie too lol. Congratulations on acquiring Saber Alter! She is a nice choice there with a pretty face. ^^

    … To be honest I have a Dollfie Dream myself too. It’s Black Rock Shooter actually, but it’s a custom one. ^^;

    Dollfie is surely no cheap hobby, and a lot of stuff Volks sells are really expensive. Buying doll clothing and wigs may be cheaper from other doll shops instead. Dollfie Dream bodies can get stained easily (and are not easy to remove, but I did hear that Oxy-10 cream works to some extent), so acquiring some protection suit and a wig cap will be a good idea.

    There are several doll groups and communities out there, and I’m sure they will be glad to help you out on any questions you may have! This is surely a big hobby you’ve picked up on there! 😛

    • who would 😉 ? not even me lol
      I saw your BRS when you reviewing the cannon very nice :D,
      I bought some stuff from volks, yeah true they are expensive , and I did try the default outfit without wash it first, get a light stain lol, about communities, probably I will join a doll meet up end of this month

  4. Wow Dolfie…. this is beyond what Shewsbury Land can afford… good luck with your daughter LOL…. I think you can use her as some sort of sex toys…. just be creative with it LOL…

    By the way I finally back into blogging after Goggle/Blogger solve my previous complains but in exchange, I have to change my template layout as well… so yeah, give and take thingy but now its business as usual for Shewsbury Land.

    • Welcome Back DJ~! 😀
      LOL ahahahaha They should make 1/1 scale one for that ^^
      very glad Shewsbury Land back but seems the new template don’t allow comments 😦

  5. Difficulties to add comment? I tried using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browser – no problem, however, with Opera browser I do see the problem where the “Comments” button or link did not appear – apparently this is a basic template provided by Blogger and I have not done any customization yet as I’m still searching for another better template…. sigh….

    In the meantime, try check/update your browser Add Ons like Flash/Shockwave/Java etc or maybe just update your browser to the latest version, hope that can solve the issue for now.

    • ah true ^^ I did use opera last time, also somehow in mozilla the comment section only appear if I click open the post in new tab/window, just try chrome it works good 😀

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