S.H Figuarts Cyclone Accel Xtreme

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S.H Figuarts Cyclone Accel Xtreme!

This imagination rider have an Figuarts awesome isn’t it ? ^^ Shroud said this ultimate version of Kamen rider Double in the series.

So let’s see what we can get from this figuarts

This combination of Philip and Ryu terui if they ever transfrom into W Xtreme, and only appear as vision of Shorud  in episodes 43-44. It did make appearance in Kamen Rider : Climax Heroes OOO  game as playable character you can search the videos in youtube but they are kinda boring too powerfull -_-;.

I got this from mandrake for like 2500 yen couple months ago alongside the lirbiete Busou shinki. You can still  find him easily there for around  2000 or 2500 yen right now, this exclusive kinda fail and cheap :D, but I love the color scheme more than Cylone Joker one and that’s all the reason I bought this.

Very unfortunate and disappointing  this figure have no weapons, thought in the Climax Heroes game he wield  both Prism breaker and Engine Blade and not even special display stand included in this figuarts 😦 He have Holding hands thought!

Of Course this just repaint figuarts of CycloneJokerXtreme with lack of Prism Breaker, I am not expecting too much.

The head sculpt kinda funny, looks too round i think …

the eyes do looks like Kamen Rider Accel but the headlight spot don’t looks impressive.

Maximum Drive!!!

I do want a Nice tamashii stand for this figuarts with  Green,Silver, and Red color combination for the base it would looks so nice, but thinking about it if this do have cool weapons and nice display stand maybe it will be accepted well in the market. and I won’t buy this because of the expensive after-market price lol.

comparison with WFC Fang Joker a gift from Shewsbury land long time ago 😀



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  1. Its quite sad that bandai did not really included any weapon to this figure, it could at least come with whats in the game like you said and i guess its pretty hard to come up with any poses since there isn’t any reference in the show.

    • what else we can expect from exclusives ? yeah true have no idea for any poses….
      I am pretty happy seeing the color combination green-silver-red and the price not bad

      • Hehe I would agree the most important part is whether your happy with the figure or not.

  2. Reblogged this on 73H-FR33M4N.

  3. Wow you still keep the figure I gave you… so nice.. I thought you throw it away already LOL

    • of course I keep them ^^

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