1/6 Saber Alter Maid Ver. By Alter

October 14, 2012 at 12:05 am | Posted in PVC Statue/Scaled Figures | 2 Comments
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Never a fan or worshiper of saber but it’s dark/Alter version always took my interest, but collecting PVC statue not always about the character, most of the times, I buy them because they gorgeous and sometimes didn’t even know the character and origins.

Maybe I am victim of Type Moon 10th anniversary ahahaha, regardless this my very first Saber merchandise!I always want this back then for me she was the best saber figure around (mostly because I am not fan of girl in shinning armor), but the after market was so high, was thinking  between Hinanai Tenshi and Naoe Kanetsugu swimsuit, but this suddenly appear for re-release I quickly skip Tenshi and ordered this, also ordered Naoe a week later.

I was thinking to only collect 1/8 scale but yeah this break my own decisions, she’s pretty huge

not fan of shinny outfit , but this not bad since it’s not too shinny.

her bare back pretty sexy

despite lack of expression, I love the face 😀

the normal maid version ( and R Ver.) have cute mouth thought ^^ maybe I should buy the R version and stand them side by side but yeah let’s see about that.

the stand, sorry too bright ^^

also got this mini saber maid in the package

very cute but not really care about it

maybe if the normal saber maid ver also got mini saber alter this would be a nice addition, you can stand the big and small one side by side

Let’s compare her with Vee!, funny everytime thinking that I ordered the Dollfie much earlier, but I receive this couple weeks earlier but I won’t deny I play with the dollfie earlier.

Don’t worry I will buy you a maid outfit, just stop falling off you bitch!


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  1. She’s gorgeous, I like her cool nonchalant pose and expression. It’s a rather huge figure. I really would have liked to get chibi saber, but I just bought the old normal run because of a very low price. I received the old Saber maid this week. Im not a big fan of the Saber character, even less after Fate/Zero, but I like cool maids ^^

    If you would decide to get a friendly Saber maid, I would suggest to get the new R version. The older one is nice, but in comparison the hair and skincolor aren’t as good as now.

    • I still think saber is overly rated character, I am still not too fond of her but for some reason I like the Dark/alter variation especially without armor. I do like cool maids too, back then this was the first maid figure I ever wanted! that’s why I ordered this without hesitation ^^
      Thanks for the suggestion,but I haven’t think much about saber maid R lately,so yeah probably I won’t get one, but if it’s as cheap as the old one maybe that will tempt me ^^, last time I see one for 4000 yen.

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