Toronto Doll Meet November

November 20, 2012 at 7:49 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 3 Comments

people who gather here mostly are from Dollfie Dreams forum and also their facebook group, but I don’t have  facebook lol so I notice this monthly meet from the forum, and I am the newbie, but it’s not just limited to Dollfie dream as many BJD also become regular guest. won’t talk much about the meet as mostly ladies there, so yeah gossip time 😛 and also talking about these hobbies that i still barely understand ^^ but sure this meet up pretty crowded

For Halloween Meet Up last month pictures can be found here 

Unfortunately some pictures turn blur and I don’t take much 😦

some of them have their own name but I don’t know some of them and don’t remember their name one by one +_+;

these lovely saber belong to centurystory her name is Primula I believe

she so passionate took pictures of her during the meet up

very cute flying squirrel

ps : she just hijack the smaller one suit 😛 (left one)

Meo’s Lilia

Lovely pair isnt it ^^

Juu-Yuki’s Lily and sakura

Nkei’s she love collecting twins

Pictures by others will be updated if find their gallery ^^






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  1. Saber’s finds her way into society ^_^ Oh wait, she’s only in the Halloween pictures.

    So most Dollfie owners there are girls?

    The brunette bride there is very pretty

    • My Vee is also there she holding snoopy plushies

      yup most of them are girls, I also admire that some of them have good husband and finance that support their hobbies ^^ and apparently they also collecting figures together but I am not sure whether they have same passion with these dolls or not ? but they do love photography

      • Oh right, sorry I haven’t noticed her 😦

        Already married? how bad XD

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