My Brother Little Zoo ?

December 5, 2012 at 12:22 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous | 6 Comments


I am Home now 😀 I have some figures that waiting for me too


but let’s post a bit about home that not- figures/toys related 😉

Plenty things change in these past 3 years, but I am surprised my brother turn home into some sort of zoo lol I barely sleep here and this my late grandma home, but most of us live here now and I did spend most of the day here

we had 5 dogs before but this totally different kind of animals , I remember only a small caged bird and couple fish in the pool when I left, too bad the last fish died few days ago 😦

Say hello the living room creatures yes they are around living room,Flying around sometimes and the corner modified for them to live, honestly I rather seeing dogs but dog and cat is out of question as my mom is in food making business ^^

First is Wasabi


blue gold Macaw


Grey parrot his name is Arthos



Also a Macaw but not sure which type name : Niu

Niu will go inside Cage during night

they pretty tame or at least to my brother and my sister in law


near them you will see these snakes~


11 snakes +_+

my new Sister said lol there were 24 of them but my brother sell most of them to purchase the birds

seems only my bro love these snakes ^^ I believe mostly python but not sure which type/class


for me they only looks cool when they eat 😀


they food I mean prey, only 2 left, I forgot take pictures and video when they eat couple days ago 😦 have to wait a week or maybe 2 @_@

sound easy to take care isn’t it  ?  if you have courage of course ^^




poor dying squirrel RIP it died few hours after this picture taken, most likely due to accident 2 days ago +_+;

this one of my favorite 😦 too bad we only meet  for few days

now let’s move to the backyard





this place for breeding as my brother just start this for side business

there are like 2-3 more cages of some random birds but since some people don’t like seeing caged bird I am not bother too much

Edit :

oh dear there are these turtle(s) @_@ I didn’t realized


they are ground turtle  not sure what but it should be a pretty common exotic pet



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  1. whoa man, thooosee are some niiiiice critters 😀 issit a pet shop now? if it is, that’s an exotic one ^^

    oh gawd hedgehog! felt sorry for the the ones that died tho, but hey, that’s how life goes

    • these just too much @_@
      I used live around any kind of pet so I already used seeing death ^^

  2. Ahaha Aya in the jungle and I thought we had many animals at home.

    Im not that into snakes, spiders and little birds, but smart and tame parrots are pretty nice, I think, you can play with them 😉

    poor flying squirrel, nature is hard.

    hand over the Naoe figure, btw

    • Except the snake I pretty much like all of them ^^
      Naoe already sit nicely in my shelf 😉


  3. Walan… salute to your brother… that kind of hobby requires lots of commitment… certainly not for a lazy pervert like me LOL

    • He owns them but did I ever mention my brother take care of them, he barely do it …. so far only the snakes he purely do it himself

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