1/8 Naoe Kanetsugu Swimsuit Ver. by Alter

December 10, 2012 at 4:37 pm | Posted in PVC Statue/Scaled Figures | 6 Comments
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Naoe 1

I haven’t watch Hyakka Ryouran or follow any of it’s story light novel or mangas, but they do have many good looking character maybe comparable with queen’s blade but using Japanese historical warrior ^^

somehow this Naoe kanetsugu looks so attractive to me, maybe because the long twintails and the tongue ^^

Naoe 2

like all Hyakka Ryouran characters she is based on real Japanese warrior, the real Naoe was a famed samurai that served Uesugi for 2 generations before their fall to tokugawa.

This Naoe really gorgeous and Indeed she like leek and her hair appearace looks similar with Hatsune miku  ^^

I think the swimsuit looks more like a lingerie than a bikini

Naoe 3

the hair looks so heavy ^^

Naoe 4

She just simply kneeling on the base, no peg or holes

Naoe 5

Naoe 6

very nice curves but no boobies

Naoe 7

well not something you would wear on beach ahahaha

Naoe 8

the original version with giant hammer also nice but I am more attracted with this one especially the face

Naoe 9

Naoe 10

Shinku,Miku, and Naoe



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  1. I think this one looks better than the one with the hammer. The butt looks better too, LOL. 😀

    • ahahaha I don’t pay attention about that part too much ^^

  2. As a novice figure collector, I’m torn between the original version of this figure and the pink recolor.
    IF you had to choose, which one would be your choice?

    • Personally I would choose the pink ver, she looks more lewd that way, and like I mention this swimsuit design looks more like a lingerie than a bikini 😀

      • The pink one does have that extra lewdness going on but the contrasting purple and green makes me fancy that as well :p

        • True ^^, but seeing this seems the pink one have better hair coloring thought …. http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/849858&ref=item%3A141609 both still looks nice for me but if I buy her right now, I personally rather buy the pink one and not to mention both ver. go cheaper after market compared with pre-ordering I probably just buy both

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