Galaxy Pegasis DX Set

January 3, 2013 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Beyblade | 11 Comments
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Galaxy pegasus 1

Galaxy Pegasis DX Set, let’s review some real toys this time.

haven’t touch this new Beyblade series but seeing them lately make me interested and they start to go with very good discounted price too 😀

this pretty old set thought ^^

Galaxy pegasus 2

The main atraction of this DX set the attack type arena, not really fancy or awesome but this pretty good 🙂

also got some cardboards that can be combined into wall.

Galaxy pegasus 3

the beyblade, assembling tools, instruction, sticker sheets, beylauncer and the grip

they beyblade come in parts but I assemble them already.

Galaxy pegasus 4

already use it few times for fight so yeah it have few scratches

Galaxy pegasus 5

Flat since this attack type and means this won’t spin very long

here the test video

Pegasus meteor fist LOL that’s pegasus seiya ahahahaha

never watch the anime series ^^

Galaxy pegasus 6

Galaxy pegasus 7

the string launcher not bad and grip pretty much customizable, but I love the one from the original series more 😦

Galaxy pegasus 8

Comparison with Dragoon, the only remaining old beyblade, I had 3 before but all of them already broken.

this dragoon not in good condition too the axis already damaged and I can’t find any launcher >_<

Galaxy pegasus 9

I have few others Beyblades they are like $3 each  for original beyblade that’s pretty good price 😀 but since they are booster pack, I have to buy the launcher separately except drago(the white one)

I don’t like put the stickers on as they are used for battle they will rip fast, and of course they can do mix and match.

Pegasis lost most of the times, as he just wasting energy X_X

I have few battle video with my brother, but they seems have a bit too much “cursing” so maybe later lol



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  1. Saw this at the local Toys R Us and I don’t understand anything about it… now after I see your review, then I know what the heck is this thing actually.

    • yeah in short this a modern spinning top XD

  2. I saw the Prototype Nemesis and arena set on sale for 500 yen on HLJ. Almost wanted to buy but I got no one to play with :s

    • I hope my 6 years old nephew can play this when he come ^^

  3. next hunt. Classic Beyblades 😉
    Ultimately Rare XD

    • I like the old one design better but considering, I played with them before, I am not really tempted to hunt them, I do find some but none of the model appeal me 😦 maybe if I can find Dranzer

  4. Pegasus don’t give up, fighto! Really funny how the pegtopsvclash against each other, I would pimp them with metal spikes XD

    • Good Idea but but I using them to play with random kids who visiting ^^

  5. Can i have your dark blue launcher grip from the dx set

    • Nope ^^, Don’t have spare for this

  6. I’ll give you my launcher and my 10 beyblade it white

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