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Reptile 1

Last week, I visit a Reptile Show in my town shopping mall,  there are contest and also market for them, couple vendors from respective pet shop from various cities come here.

my hometown is rather village this a rare event ^^ also a very good introduction for this hobby for the visitors.

my brother spend almost  entire day here, some friends from neighborhood town also come here, I also spend half a day here, I am not fan of python but lizards and turtles that’s a different story 😀

these pictures are from 2nd day, not much in 1st day, mainly just vendors and drawing competition for children.these pictures are from 2nd day, not much in 1st day, I believe the 1st day is mainly to attract visitors and 2nd day for the reptile lovers.

first the vendors mostly are reptiles the common seen one are Ball Python, various Turtles and various lizard but frog and couple mammals also available.

Reptile 2

Reptile 3

a bit unfortunate seeing them like this, due to space and convenience to carry they are put in these containers.

couple stuff you will see on the vendors table

Reptile 4Reptile 5Reptile 6Reptile 8

DSC04138Reptile 9Reptile 10Reptile 11

Reptile 14Reptile 15Reptile 16Reptile 17

Reptile 22

this one pretty huge

Reptile 23

Reptile 18Reptile 19Reptile 20Reptile 21

Common sight you will see

Reptile 12

Somebody bring a very big land turtle 😯

Reptile 13

Reptile 24

food for smaller snakes

Reptile 26

Ball Python Contest, the only one I took picture of ^^

Reptile 27


Reptile 28

winner from Gecko category

Reptile 29

apparently this my brother’s but because it’s hard to take care of, his friend take care of it.

seems this one need to live in wet place all the time.

Reptile 30

look at this buddy behind my back

Reptile 31

my big bro newest pet 😀 it’s a Pogona/Bearded Dragon

he said will get the female one soon so he will have a friend to fuck mate LOL

and very obvious at home my sister in law reaction would be : -_-



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  1. The monitor lizards are really big, not sure if I want them in the house, though XD

    I like reptiles a lot, the one with 4 legs the most of course. Snakes are also nice animals, but Im scared of these long teeth. Also the image of feeding them with living animals is cruel, the poor Geckos 😦

    Reptiles are interesting animals, but taking care of them can be quite diificult.
    I guess ir’s more convenient to live in a warmer region than northern Europe.

    • that’s how they are it seems some have diet with vegetables too maybe turtle is the best choice for simple repltile and Personally I think reptiles are kinda lazy they just move around when they are hungry or hunt ^^

  2. those monitors must be tame, and wow i wonder how it is to go and hug them, always been chasing them off the chickens before ^^;;;;;

    no one brings a komodo dragon? haha

    • most of them are tame or at least to their master 😀
      Komodo Dragon probably can only found in black market ^^ they are protected by law

  3. Amazing… usually in this kind of even and exhibition we get the rare chances to see all those species that we don’t always find in our daily life. I would love to go to similar event/exhibition. Thanks for sharing.

    • true this a rare kind of exhibition, these days the most popular one are about high tech gadget or fashion

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