Revoltech Saber Alter

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Revoltech Saber1

Revoltech Saber Alter

Maybe people will think silly, I bought this Revoltech as this can be called obsolete, but 4.5 years ago this was my most wanted figure.  New and newer stuff keep coming and you will forget the old one, Need 4.5 years for me before I finally looking for her again.

Revoltech was the first Japanese toys I own other than model kit and gashapon, my first was Miniature Revoltech Eva-01& miniature Eva-00 then followed by couple fraulein revoltech, I always want this one but I only can find the blue armored saber one,  I think that one don’t sell very well.

Max Factory do have Figma  that was released on 2010 for this Alter version that probably have better sculpt and paint, and I might buy that one too ^^ but hey even this Revoltech  not as famous as Danbo or have pervert face like woody this have more nostalgic value for me

Revoltech Saber2

She slightly taller than a Figma.

Among revoltech Figures the two sabers were the first Revoltech that not sculpted by Yamaguchi, they are sculpted by Enoki Tomohide so they have their own line called 2nd Generation but of course Danbo and Yotsuba& are the main stars over there

Revoltech Saber3

All the accessories included : 2 Swords, stand , and hair piece with visor, very surprising there are no replacement hands.

2 Excalibur(s) the Dark and the normal one like some Revoltech Figure they might include parts for another Revoltech in the next set in this case the Normal Excalibur one.

From the the Blue Saber you got the invisible “clear” Excalibur and the Caliburn Sword.

and if you don’t follow these fate franchise, Saber used 2 swords during her Arthuria days the caliburn that she pull from the stone and after the sword broken she received the excalibur from lady of the lake, and Honestly I am not sure if caliburn ever appear in the Anime series, and seems these days Caliburn more commonly seen with saber Lily.

Revoltech Saber4

the Zombie looking face, and this was released in 2007 so it’s good enough.

Revoltech Saber5

Revoltech Saber6

Strike Wizard =))

Revoltech Saber7

Giant Dark Excalibur 😛

Revoltech Saber8

Revoltech Saber11

Cool Dagger isn’t it ? 😀

basically this how she got it LOL :

Revoltech Saber9

Onee-chan let me Trade mine with that

Revoltech Saber10

Revoltech Saber12

No complain for something that has been released  6 years ago, but as usual about Revoltech their best and the worst thing are those revolver joints, they are very sturdy and I never seen them getting loose unless they are defective ,  when you bend them, they making  sound  and they pretty hard to rotate so yeah this Revoplier is a good tools to have



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  1. Wow, you really like Saber don’t you? hehehehe….

    • LOL actually I hate that bitch, so far only have the alter/dark variation coz I like the pale looking

  2. The paint and details of this old revoltech is really good actually. However, the figma has better body proportions.
    You can compare it with mine. hehe

    • You are totally right. and seems the alter figma price also reasonable compared with other figma saber variations.

  3. Hey, actually this figure brings back a lot of memory for me too. My brother bought it for me about 4 – 5 years ago for my birthday, when I really just got started on anime figurine and stuff. I always thought this saber looks a bit menacing haha but I guess it gives the figure a unique style! You bought this 6 years after it release so I guess the figure should be quite sticky when you opened it up. Same thing happened for me cos I keep storing it inside the box and displaying the box. When I took it ou a few years later it was all sticky, so I took it out from the box, gave it a good wash and from then display it in my shelf. Thanks for bringing back good memories!

    • I don’t feel sticky at all,but let’s say oily, I heard brand new revoltech fgures are coated with some sort of oil so it’s not damaging the paints but true in some case after they are opened they kinda sticky or have paint melting espesially if they already opened before 😦 and it seems old revoltech using cheap paints and cheap topcoat that’s why sticky or melt paints become common problem but they have very good deal considering their price… not sure about the newer one thought and since the price already rise quite high I believe they use better paint.
      Thank you for your visit 😀

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