Jakarta Toy Fair March 2013

March 14, 2013 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous | 7 Comments

DSC04630 I went Jakarta last weekend and visit Jakarta Toy Fair, it already become annual event. Not much to tell as mostly I did meet up with friends from local forums that I never met before. DSC04572 LEGO take like 1/4 of the space ^^ many awesome display but it’s too crowded >_< DSC04571 these made by certain bricks forum teams I believe DSC04618 Char’s Nightingale DSC04614 Giant Stormtrooper made from bricks the middle area are for selling booths as the corner fill with community  let’s see some of them DSC04574 these are papercraft community called PERI , all their display are made entirely from thick paper DSC04588 figmania display , like name suggest it’s figma community of course, their main base are in facebook DSC04597 Indogokin, also facebook based mecha and super robot lover DSC04600 I really like this mazinger diorama DSC04596 DSC04623 S.H.F INDO DSC04604 BUSHINDO (busou shinki indonesia) DSC04607 Transformers Indonesia DSC04610 Komunitas S.I.C Indonesia I manage to visit all their booth but due to the crowd it’s hard to take pictures by list on the map these are list of the community C1 = ORDER 66 – S.I.T.H. (STARWARS INDONESIAN TROOPER HOMEBASE) C2 = ORDER 66 -501st LEGION INDONESIA C3 = ORDER 66 – JAKSABER + FIGHTSABER C4 = ORDER 66 – URBAN JEDI C5 = INDONESIAN REENACTORS (I.D.R.) C6 = PPGA (KOMUNITAS PENGKOLEKSI SERAGAM MILITER) C7 = IZOC (INDONESIA ZOMBIE CLUB) C8 = PERI (PAPER REPLICA INDONESIA) C9-C10 = INDOGOKIN C11-C12 = GUNDAM GENERATION INDONESIA C13 = S.H.F. INDONESIA C14 = FIGMANIA C15-C16 = THREE-A LEGION INDONESIA C17-C18 = INDOONESIXHTERS – IOS LEGION C19-C20 = INDO GI-JOE SOCIETY (I.G.S.) C21 = NENDONESIA C22 = KOMUNITAS S.I.C. INDONESIA C23 = ETERNESIA (INDONESIA HE-MAN COMMUNITY) C24-C25 = TRANSFORMERS INDONESIA (T.F.I.) C26 = BUSHIDO C27 = TOMICA FANS CLUB INDONESIA (T.F.C.I.) C28-C29 = KOMUNITAS SCULPTOR INDONESIA C30-C31 = SUPERMAN FANS OF INDONESIA (S.F.O.I.) C32 = INDO US COMIC COLLECTORS (I.U.S.CC.) C33 = DC FANS OF INDONESIA C34 = INDO MARVEL COMMUNITY (I.M.C.) C35 = KOMUNITAS ACTION FIGURES INDONESIA (K.A.F.I.) C36 = K.D.B.I. – DRAGON BALL INDONESIA C37 = TOYSFORCHARITY (T.F.C.) DSC04579 Multi one of the biggest hobby store also offcial distributors of Bandai’s tamashii, Hot Toys and Good Smile Compant so they seems to have right to run and open 3 booths dedicated to them. DSC04584 DSC04585 GodZilla Family VS King Ghidorah DSC04586 King Kong DSC04578 Hot Toys Iron man also displaying avenger but I don’t take pictures ^^ unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of GSC Boothbut I rememer they display some popular wonfes Items , DSC04590 one of the selling booth have this awesome easter bunny will never this “cute” 😀 DSC04624 Tokusatsu cosplay show. there are many cosplayers actually range from anime,games,toku and even gundam  but somehow I dislike cosplay espesially from anime/games so I don’t give many attention to them you can see the rest of the pictures I took over here



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  1. So much win.
    And the Star Wars fighters display, it’s just… glorious.

    • yeah the LEGO star Wars is awesome

  2. My favorite shop in JakUt (Jakarta Utara) is Multitoys (they have many branches all over) and there is another small shop in Mangga Dua Square, can’t remember the shop name but I know the owner name is Roby Haryanto. If business is good and if I have extra money, look forward to go Jakarta again this year.

    • it seems that multi the biggest hobby store around they also sole distributor for some certain manufacturer, to bad I live far from jakarta (over 500 kilos)>_<
      in manga dua the store called Whitebase I believe ?

  3. Just as BD77 said, I have my eyes on the Star Wars diorama! The Lego Nightingale is quite a looker too!

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