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Seems I abandoned this blog for too long  I apologize for that 😦 Happy 3rd Anniversary A’s Toy Box

Seems I never post trading card related stuff before except the one from Pokemon happy meal.


Yu-Gi-OH! they are very popular during my junior high, unfortunately I only have fakes back then only the Japanese  structure deck Joey is the original one I have, they rest are fakes and pretty messed up right now, couple years ago I start buy booster packs  and I have pretty much enough(mostly from GX era and some from 5Ds) ^^ they are never played though 😦 for ZEXAL only have abbys rising booster that still unopened


bought this last years from amiami, a starter set and a box of booster, it’s Touhou that’s why I want them, and yeah not sure how exactly to play this


Pokemon Trading Cards, I played them in game boy  then alongside the first and 2nd generation also have fake cards that I play around with my cousin years ago but the later print pretty messed up with their evolution @_@ these card from 4 boosters and couple happy meals 😛 unfortunately I forgot to buy a starter set so I lack of energy cards 😦 so far only vaporeon and chansey that seems are not from 5th generation, hope can find good pokemon in the unopened Dark Explorers.


2 years ago my cousin gave me full box with packs of Avex nation, this cards about album and J-pop song  that popular at that beginning of 2000s, not sure what these card for ? it seems like idol cards like akb48 or popular athletes


Never played MTG before I do bought one last year Booster Battle pack, still unopened lol and the right one are indonesian made vandaria wars promo from game magazine I got them years ago , they seems have similar how to play.


random cards, Queen’s Blade, Gundamwar, Hockey anyone 😛 got from Canada’s McD


These from Arcade machines you play and you got a card to be used scan the Barcodes and play these

these use Rock-paper-scissors to  battle mushiking, dinosaur king and Dino duel also got one love and berry


these are newer ones and some old cards from driving arcade

gacchu guts, hero robots,mythical lords, hello-kitty, naruto, and power rangers

I wish they have ganbaride Kamen rider 😀


these what very popular at arcade, I even line up with kids to play 😛 I heard Animal Kaiser massively popular at south east Asia arcade especially at Singapore  or so I heard. most of mine are from old version that I played  years ago before I left.

this one video of the playthrough from youtube

well don’t like much the game they wasting money and time. but I like the Cards 😛

and this game still upgraded from time to time, now japan Have Great Animal Kaiser


I also got an album from my brother full, of Dragon Ball card and some random cards but I don’t have any memory about them




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  1. Haha nice collection. Actually I used to play magic the gathering, still kept em of old time sakes 😛 But i already sold my DBZ collection a long time back

    • Thx, I know MTG for long time but never took any huge interest on them and hmm have DBZ collection card seems you around my bro age 😉

      • Haha nah, i am just an old uncle who refuses to grow up 😛

  2. 😮 that’s a lot of cards! 😀

  3. You have quite a decent collection of trading and arcade cards there though for an old man like me, this is not my cup of tea, anyway it should be fun to collect if you are into it so much.

    • well I still don’t know when trading card start become popular. not exactly my liking either ^^ ahahaha

  4. happy anniversary

    Cardcaptor Aya! you really have a lot of these, the Touho set is lovely and yeah Queens Blade, but I think the battle books are more popular for good reasons.
    This Avex is a little, you should try to find the songs if they are listed on the cards

    I only collected Power Rangers trading cards back then, all the cards from the first few seasons haha.

    • Thanks, always want to know how to use queen’s blade the battle book ^^. can find most of the song in my brother old CDs collection 😀 since especially most the cards are ‘Ayumi Hamasaki’ Albums.
      oh you did collecting cards too 🙂

      • Ah ok, so you bro was a big fan.
        yeah I did but I had no one to trade, it somehow kills the purpose XD

  5. Happy 3rd anniversary! That’s a lot of cards you have for your collection!

    I personally only played a bit of Yu-Gi-Oh! from my friend’s collection. I like the older cards as the rules are simple, but the recent ones are tearing my brain apart trying to memorise the rules here and there.

    The same friend of mine also has pokemon cards and gave me a bunch of fake ones “for the lulz”. They have ridiculous stats and crazy effects. Maybe I should blog about them one day XD.

    • Thank you, yeah the current rule pretty much improve espesially in term of summoning from extra deck . true crazy effect and stat ^^

  6. Late grats on your 3rd Anniversary.

    Haha i been through a lot in yugioh too XD, i still have the kaiba version of structure deck 2 XD. But pretty much stopped playing because none of my friends play it, but still do collect from time to time, especially those 5d’s Dragon promo from the manga XD or Valuable Book promo because the book look pretty inside.

    Hmmm for me pokemon cards are for collection :D, i remember my last buy was a set with a big promo card which look awesome, always wanted an oversize card 😀

    For the anime side card wiess i only bought 1 english deck last time because well the price was low and it’s nice to keep a deck of disgaea character.

    I think i remember hearing that animal kaiser was popular in Singapore, but i never got interesting in playing it, but i played the beetle version before XD, but i juz cant seem to find them XD.

    • Thank you, and Glad see you around again 😀 don’t have many old YGO card don’t have any of 5ds dragon too 😦 I feel should buy more promotional tins or manga back then ,seems you have awesome YGO collection 😀 pokemon are easier to play thought ^^ WS might try buy one next time. not even once try Animal Kaiser ? I even heard every 7-11 at Singapore have the machine 😯 I got few card of the beetle it’s mushiking right ?

      • Hehe thanks,

        😀 collection of nice artwork.

        Well for I do agree it easy to play but, always the new set cards are way better then the older set, and need to get those starter deck for energy T_T

        Yea i never try animal kaiser, now they are still present in arcade even some other one like robot(not gundam) and hello kitty XD

        Yea the beetle is called mushiking but i lost all my card T_T

        • yeah I lack of energy cards 😦 , I see, well it’s a kids plaything after all ahahaha , the robot called ‘Hero of Robot‘ it seems as Taiwan made arcade , never try the hello kitty T_T but I have the promotion card. I only play mushiking 3 times..

          • Haha now i know the robot game name XD.
            Hmmmm i wonder how you got the promotion card XD

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