S.H Figuarts Kamen Rider Cyclone

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Cyclone 1

S.H Figuarts Kamen Rider Cyclone

Not really sure the origins of this one, Like Joker this form is used by Philip when she using Cyclone memory and lost driver. That of course never seen in the series or movie.

So far Cyclone only appear in novelization spin-off and video game climax heroes as Joker partner when joker doing ‘Hissastsu’

Cyclone 2

it’s pretty imaginative that’s why interested to have this one lol, and maybe because I like Cylone Memory the most.

He Only slightly different than Figuarts CyloneCylone after all ahahaha ^^

the only great Improvement compare to the Cyclone Joker is they finally use Green colored one for the elbow Joint but it seems this problem already fixed since Fang Joker.

Cyclone 3

not much accessories included Wish at least a display stand but yeah seems exclusive item rarely give you such a thing

Cyclone 4

Cyclone 5

My only disappointment is the memory on the belt are still unpainted I wish the color it green at least, but as i see all the Figuarts of Kamen Rider W are unpainted as well so no improvement at all on this part


Cyclone 6

Maximum Drive

Cyclone 7

with Cyclone Accel Extreme, well CAX are looks stronger but he’s shorter -_-

Cyclone 8

3 figuarts so far Cyclone,CAX and Kuuga mighty, seems I only buy one every year 😛



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  1. You like Kamen Rider? I thought you don’t like them? LOL LOL LOL

    After I visit that Gundam/Hobby shop in Mangga Dua Square – my love for Kamen Rider action figure “doubled” hehehehehe – since then I start to collect more and more Kamen Rider figure and reach the peak during Kamen Rider OOO…. but being a farmer, I’m kind of broke now coz the corn production in our farm is quite poor lately so I don’t have much Kamen Rider items anymore sigh….

    Anyway, as you mentioned, this one is an exclusive items… when I first see the box I also thought it is strange (must be exclusive) because it’s different than the usual SH Figuarts box.

    I guess apart from the single color green combo, the rest is just typical SHF features that we could expect from Bandai but I must admit it’s kind of strange to just see W Riders have only one USB drive on their belt hehehehe

    • LOL I believe I had 11 post kamen rider related here 😛 my love to them already decreasing since fourze so not talk much about them in the past 2 years. your are right not much special about this one except the packaging but since I don’t have any figuarts of Double Combo figure 😀 only have the extreme and WFC fang joker from you 😀

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