Older Sister Miko Set

July 25, 2013 at 9:03 am | Posted in Doll Clothes and Accessories | 7 Comments
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Haven’t bought her new clothes for a while so I bought this Miko outfit

It does looks pretty


it cost 7,875 yen, Can buy nice figure with that money 😦 , from this got the kimono+Haori jacket,Hakama and socks but I don’t buy the sandals

First time get something during release as clothes sold within minutes, at least I manage to put this on shopping cart before the website went down,and paid hours later


I am sure the skirt called hakama





the only disappointing part is, I always though without Haori it would be sleeveless LOL
sexier that way  like kunoichi clothes in fiction 😀 but hey this shrine maiden outfit! WTF I was thinking

or maybe I played touhou too much -_-


This would be fit any doll no matter how big the boobies they have 😛


I am Renge the shikigami


by the way I just got an Im@s outfit couple days ago will try that on soon or later 😀



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  1. Ah thats a totally pretty outfit, so traditional and graceful.
    congrats for getting it on time 😀

    What a size difference, Renge is so tiny.
    now Saber needs red ribbon.

    • yeah I am glad can get this now she more looks like a Japanese doll 😀
      well still had to remove Renge’s legs to fit her in there ^^

      red ribbon for the hair ? sounds I need to look around Yaj for ‘Saber Nero’ hair

  2. Nice get on Volk’s miko costume set! Saber looks gentle with that outfit and the long twin tails~ I heard stories where having to rush to order the clothes etc on their web store is like a zerg rush of some sort!

    Looking forward to see the Idolmaster outfit!

    • Thanks, unfortunately the twintails kinda hard to maintain or maybe it’s just me :(, I can guarantee that the stories you heard are true @_@

  3. Gosh!!! expensive toys you got there… a farmer like me can’t ever afford this luxury… sigh..

  4. At first I thought this was a Dollfie of Saber Alter.. 🙂

    • Indeed She is Saber alter ^^

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