Yu-Gi Oh! Super Starter : V for Victory

August 2, 2013 at 11:23 am | Posted in Trading Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 8 Comments
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First Thanks to a friend for help me buying these 😀

Although I bought bunch of booster before this My first YGO English Starter 😀


play mat, beginner’s guide, the main deck and 2 power pack A and B

the power pack are 5 cards each from 15 possibilities and Power pack A guaranteed to get “Number C39 : Utopia Ray V” and Power pack B will get “Rank-Up-magic limited brian’s force”.

I like the the power pack idea, it is a nice concept 😀


the main deck

2 xyz, 20 monsters,10 spells and 10 traps


Number 39 : Utopia and Number C39: Utopia Ray




mostly are warrior,gagaga family and spellcaster.

monsters with easy way of special summoning, level trick and of course they means for easy summoning of xyz monsters


Spell cards



the Spells and Traps are pretty nice for a starter 😀


Power pack A

Nice mystical space typhoon in super rare foil


Number C39: Utopia Ray V


Power Pack B


Rank-Up-magic limited Brian’s force and a foil Mirror force

not sure about the common but the other possibility for the super rare are magic cylinder and Swords of the revealing light.


Number 39 Utopia family 😀 will at the end of the series Utopia will have as many variant/power up as Stardust Dragon had 😛

and of course I still Missing Number C39 : Utopia Ray Victory


Also bought Structure “Onslaught Of The Fire Kings” might open that next time 😀



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  1. Was tempted to get this deck or blue eyes deck because they look nice, yet never been to any card shop for a long time XD, maybe when fate come then i will get them haha, Those Utopia and Blue Eyes O_O so tempting 😀

    My last deck that i bought was the dark world one, because i wanted to play them, which in the end turn to dark world plus lightsworn deck XD.

    • Yeah the Blue eyes one is really tempting but I waiting the english version come out,although I love Red-Eye family more ahahahaha, but it’s true OCG(Japanese version) more valuable for collecting as they rarely get re-print like the english edition so many re-release of old cards lol but I rather can use them to play too.
      Dark world very nice deck 😀 now I considering to collect Structure deck in the future they have nice theme.

      • Haha Red eyes darkness dragon look so sexy 😀 but for me I prefer Light and Darkness Dragon over the other two dragon :D.

        Yea the structure deck nowaday have a nice theme, even the starter deck is also nice especially the one in your review, sadly those Yugi/Joey deck are now super rare and expensive, plus no character structure deck for GX series decks but i guess they substitute it with duelist pack.

        • Light and Darkness Dragon and Blue eyes family kinda harder to summon, Red eyes family seems have the most variation, red eyes b chick,red eyes wyvern,red eyes black dragon,red eyes zombie,red eyes darkness, red eyes black metal, red eyes darkness metal,and couple of it’s fusion and seeing the effect their kind are seems easier to summon although not powerful or have awesome effect lol
          yeah the old starters are expensive…..

  2. hello, i’ve just returned from my long hiatus, hopefully this time not to slumber again haha.

    anyway, i see you also broaden the line of hobbies just like mine.

    • Glad to see you back and seems you have new blog too 😀 , I always broaden my hobby but mostly just stop halfway …..

  3. didn’t know you were into yugioh.

    • yup but I buy them sometimes but not regularly as I don’t have someone to play with.

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