Dressy Alice Set

September 11, 2013 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Doll Clothes and Accessories | 7 Comments
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Dressy Alice Set

Vee in Dressy Alice Set

Its one of Idolm@ster outfit.

the reason why  I really want this, It’s my personal favorite outfit in the series.

and of course because I like Alice themed clothes

Dressy Alice Set 1

Cost 11,970 yen.

surprisingly this not sold out very fast

Dressy Alice Set 2

pretty good set of idol outfit and Get shoes too this can justify the price 😀

also got 2 different Ribbon hairband one with bunny ears and the other one without them

Dressy Alice Set 3

and this Frilled Bloomers ^^

Dressy Alice Set 4

back looks of the outfit

Dressy Alice Set 5

bottom-top look

the red/black socks is hard to put on

Dressy Alice Set 6

very unfortunate mine have this problem on the right ear, seems the wire inside either loose or broke  from the base

Dressy Alice Set 7

Only Can do this for the time being 😦

Dressy Alice Set 8

The ribbon hairband

Dressy Alice Set 9

Dressy Alice Set 10

Dressy Alice Set 11

I think the twintails works better on this clothes

Dressy Alice Set 12

Honestly her face not really suitable with this outfit.

or maybe she need a smile OwO, but before put this on vee, I was hoping t get Mariko Sensei student ver, but again those lottery thing never work for me ….

Dressy Alice Set 13




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  1. Oh my god!!! you have a fantastic toys there and certainly quite expensive as well… sigh… I can’t afford any of this… would you mind to swap this with many of my Kamen Rider toys ? hehehehehe

    Oh yeah, I have this new digirama you might want to see:


  2. My swap offer is for real though – if you agree though I think it’s highly unlikely….. hehehehehe

    • huehuehue unfortunately I am pretty bored with kamen rider :p

      will check them out 😀

  3. looks interesting, good you aquired it for your girl, new clothes make them happy ^^
    It seems quite expensive, on the other hand there are more parts included, like the bloomers.

    • make me broke too 😦
      yeah for 11k yen it’s so expensive 😦 yeah pretty neat accessories and I am pretty happy it got a pair of shoes that not high heels lol

  4. nice Alice outfit. I like the ribbon bow on the hair better than the rabbit ears.

    • Yeah me too I am not really fond with the rabbit ears.

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