My New Aquarium

October 12, 2013 at 9:09 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 9 Comments

Aquarium 1

Bought this yesterday 😀 it’s been very long time since I have a fish tank…

Actually I rather salt water aquarium,with exotic sea fishes , but they need bigger tank and very expensive 😦

Aquarium 2

after couple hour after turn on the filter finally the water looks clean Aquarium 3

Aquarium 4

filter and pump on the side. so yeah instead the usual simple put inside the tank one this using capillary action 😀 and the clean water being pump back to the main tank

Aquarium 5

It’s so dirty hours earlier from the rocks and sands. I thought i need whole day to be this clean ahahah ^^;

Aquarium 6

try make it as natural as possible so we put 4 water plants

Aquarium 7

one fish so far, it’s my brother coz he being bullied by other fish in the other tank

Aquarium 8

they are pretty cheap all of them (minus the fish and water) cost around IDR 180k

Aquarium 9

Now what fish i should buy 😀 I will add the pictures once I got them

or just maybe i just need to buy this miku figure and throw it inside 😛



add this 2 usual goldfish 😀



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  1. Ah cool Aya, once I also had a freshwater tank, but mine was more narrow ^^
    The bullied fish is pretty I thing, but yeah this often happens in a tank.
    I bought two wrong fish back then, they were mean towards the friendly fishes, Epalzeorhynchos bicolor is a totally bad fish, don’t put that in XD
    Well, Pterophyllum scalare is also not that nice

    Please insert a Pangio semicincta couple, they are very pretty and tough fish, they are also peaceful and don’t bully. There are so many fish to choose, Im jealous ahhh.

    lol water Miku will turn green fast.

    • Very unfortunate that the fish died 😦 he don’t looks well after all. from all you mention I don’t think ever see Epalzeorhynchos bicolor lol maybe it’s uncommon here.
      just joking about the miku, but I am sure the fillter will drain the moss.

      • oh the poor fish, probably the stress from bullying, I guess the water was ok.

        Well, it would be an interesting sight in the basin

        • yeah considering the rest are okay

  2. Nice tank, need to buya new filter for mine, its now murky.. XD

  3. Oh wow, I was just looking to get an aquarium too. About the same size as this one too. Is it high maintenance or can I expect to relax and enjoy it for most of the time?

    • I just change the sponge/filter every week and it still looks clear.

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