Beach Queens Ornaments palm Tree

October 19, 2013 at 8:24 pm | Posted in PVC Statue/Scaled Figures | 3 Comments

Palm Tree 1

So this wave’s beach queens ornament, a palm tree that will suit wit their beach queens line figurines series

I Still don’t have any of wave’s beach queens series Thought ^^

Palm Tree 2

Instruction, can set them into 3 different height with put additional part(s) (19.5 cm/23cm/25cm)

Palm Tree 3

with all the parts attached

Palm Tree 4

comparison with Figma, without the additional part(s)

Palm Tree 5

full height

Palm Tree 6

Palm Tree 7

with Naoe kanetsugu the only swimsuit figure that I have so far ^^

Palm Tree 8

I should buy a wave beach queen figure next time

Palm Tree 9



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  1. Oh good stuff, you could make a great diorama with more of these palms and lots of sand. Beach Queens are fun to photograph ^^

    Too bad that isn’t also available for 1/8 scale

    There’s a letter missing in the title 😉

    • Not sure where I will put those diorama if i make one >w<, yeah a bit short for 1/8.
      You are right I just realized about it ahaha will fix that OwO

  2. Nice beach tree! Perfect for photo shoots! XD

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