DX Plezu-Oh

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DX  Plezu-Oh from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryunger

so basically this Zyudenryu based on Plesiosaurus, and kyoryu Violet partner although kyoryu red use him the most 😛


teaser on the back of the box

let’s open it


the first thing that come off when I open the box is this battery thing. it’s called Zyudenchi in the show, I think this a freebies from something like first batch production or kyoryuger merchandise that released on july will get this or so.

I am not exactly really sure as I don’t follow the toys-line-up or news quite much


Full of Instructions sheet and each parts are inside the plastic bags


let start with this so it got picture of 5 kyoryugers


press the button on top of the eye it will flip into picture in their Sentai form

not sure how this will sound as I Don’t have a DX Gaburevolver but you might find them from youtube or niconico



So this the plezuon Zyudenchi with picture of Plesiosaurus


when flipped you got this white ver (apparently it’s glow in the dark)

edited : yes it’s glow in the dark




basically as plezuon it have 2 mode first is this rocket mode so he have abilities to launch on space…….



when you open the wing it turn into aquatic form


Not that i care that much ^^;


Rocket Henkei :3



as usual giant robot toys from sentai or power rangers not much articulation you can expect.

The leg mainly for the transformation gimmick so it can’t bend forward don’t have any have knee joint too, the only articulations are on the shoulders


can’t complain with the golden kyoryu logo on the chest


This Plezu-Oh main weapon a railgun thing powered with it’s Zyundenchi

also the main gimmick of this DX Toys

this video will show them


the back can be used compartment for the arm(s) if you want to switch it with other Zyudenryu



or simply want to change the plezu head


forgot to mention it’s seen couple times on the show the left arm being used for rocket Fist


I wonder if this looks better


Plezuoh Brave Finish


Size comparison, for 7500 yen It worth the size



I don’t have kyoryuzin yet but the final gimmick is with Gabutyra and bunpachy it can transform into this Bakuretsu kyoryuzin.


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  1. Ah thats interesting actually I never heard of it, Im only familiar with power rangers mechs. I loved that these toys were combineable, I had all the stuff to create Shogun Megazord back then (heavy beast)

    I like the Plezu Oh the most as rocket/spaceship.

    • Not surprise you never heard of this Kyoryunger, it just aired start this February and also still no PR adaptation for it till next 2-3 years. also this plezuon first appear start 3 months ago. Shogun Megazord a nice one, I have the ninja one and the bird too. those days when the US ver still make bigger megazord, these days they make it cheap and smaller for power ranger megazords, but yeah they are more affordable that way.

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