AC01 Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms

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AC Gaim 1

Arms Change 01 Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms

Have some delay getting him but he is finally here 😀

I like the armored samurai theme but the fruit thing kinda funny to see ^^;

AC Gaim 2

The armor with fruit shape still the main feature in this Gaim/Gaimu Toy Line

AC Gaim 3

first thing to do put the helmet inside the orange

AC Gaim 4

the eyes are clear have hole between the head to slip the helmet in

AC Gaim 5

AC Gaim 6

AC Gaim 7

put the orange armor till it’s nicely locked

AC Gaim 8

and open it

AC Gaim 9

and add the Daidaimaru(orange slice looking sword), Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms

also the idea is giving different eyes color for each different fruit armor being use but it don’t seems really works well but i rather this than switching heads.

AC Gaim 10

it also got this default weapon(it’s caled musou saber)

*unfortunately the articulation limit can’t give a nice draw sword pose

AC Gaim 11

a gun sword combo. I heard nambu handgun + katana combination during world war 2 with similar idea,probably better than seeing transforming weapon into either sword or gun, like previous kamen rider wizard or some Sentai series

AC Gaim 12

A dual sword

AC Gaim 13

both sword can be combined into this. I believe It adopt a Naginata shape.

AC Gaim 14

AC Gaim 15

not exactly being use like naginata, probably if they ditch the gun and add a sheath for the sword will make it  a nice looking one

AC Gaim 16

side view

AC Gaim 17

despite lack of painted details in term of molding it have a nice one

AC Gaim 18

AC Gaim 19

Comparison with WAP! Wizard water style

AC Gaim 20

the main selling for this Armor Change Series of course the Fruit armor they can swap their armor each other and also additional set of ” fruit armor only” being made. can’t wait to have more of this 😀


Pretty Fun to be use with other figure too


AC Gaim 21



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  1. Fruit armor XD that totally came to me unprepared, but it’s interesting.
    funny it also works on other figures.
    Children eat your daily vegetables!

    • Very surprised when they first announce the fruit thing but it’s quite fun on the show. the armor don’t lock on the other figure and you need to take off the head first too but yeah they kinda looks good on them. many Kids hate vegetables I believe so I doubt they will like them ahaha but fruits are sweet and yummy. sounds awesome probably if a toku show can persuade kids eat more fruits and vegetables 😀

  2. Haha i would agree the samurai theme is rather nice, but the fruit theme is kinda weird but somehow it start to grew on me when i was more episode as well as the design.

    But i have got to say that this toy line may even be better than the shf one (soon to be release i guess?)XD due to the play value as well as the details, plus like you shown, it can be used on other figures 😀

    • I grow attracted to Gaim and Ryuugen the most from the show ahaha 😀 yeah very interesting for now hope they won’t let us down later…
      I am sure Figuarts definitely will better for display and more expensive but yeah probably around April or may till they released ahahha
      the only thing I don’t like is the back of the figure when the armor attached…

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